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Youth play prominent role in identifying factors behind violence against women, Dr. Sadat

10حمل1398 اشتراک معین جوانان در مراسم خشو نت علیه زنان از طرف سازمان صتدوق وجهی ملل متحد

KABUL: The seminar initiated by the Deputy Youth Affairs of the Ministry of Information and Culture (MoIC) and funded by the UN Monetary Fund to investigate the factors behind violence against women, was concluded Saturday, BNA reported.
The two-day seminar was attended by the Afghanistan Youth Parliament members and a number of civil society activists, in which Jamila Shaidayee spoke on the women related violence and called holding such seminars most effective in the reduction of violence against women in the country.
Dr. Kamal Sadat, the deputy minister said: “Violence against women is heinous social phenomenon,” and called on the entire Afghans to stand against it, the agency quoted.
He called the role of youth as prominent in identifying the factors behind violence against women and said holding such seminars would help reduce violence against them and create a sound society, according to the agency.
“The Deputy to the Youth Ministry use any means possible to encourage the youth to fight any factors behind violence against women and other social abnormalities,” the agency quoted.

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