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Youth opinions on culture of book reading


During the past devastating conflicts, Afghanistan had lost most of its cultural foundations and institutions but in the wake of collapse of Taliban petrified rule majority of these were rebuild and rehabilitated including Kabul public libraries. Everyday hundreds youth, aged people refer to Kabul public libraries and study their favorite books.
At present over 68 public libraries are operating throughout Afghanistan and thousands books are available for enthusiasts there.
To purchase book, students and enthusiasts express concern and regret on pitiful situation of book markets and bookreading in Afghanistan, saying that a society that lacks culture of book reading, it cannot have a bright future.
Attiqullah a student said, “Book reading system is very fading in Afghanistan. People have no attention to book and reading, as youth are involved in social media like facebook and etc and there is no news on book and reading”.
According to Attiqullah, since the people of Afghanistan don’t read books, they have been experiencing destitution and misfortune continuously.
But applicants and enthusiasts of book say that books’ prices are very high in book stores and exhibitions and less number of students afford to buy books.
Mohammad Omar a student of Faculty of law said, books’ prices are higher the afford and purchasing power of students and due to this reason students have no access to book and book sellers have no customers.
He believes that book reading culture is very weak in Afghanistan and people have slight interest to read book. We can be hopeful to future of youth only that they read book permanently. In other countries culture of book reading is very high and unfortunately the situation is different in our country.
Publishers and booksellers say that book market in Afghanistan is disastrous with few customers because people are neither encouraged nor guided towards book. Government and media have also no particular attention to book. Most of available books in markets are published and printed in Iran and Pakistan and only slight number of books are supplied to market by Afghan writers and publishers.
Booksellers say that in a country that war is the headlines of news and media, people think more on security and food and book is not a priority.
If we study book, we would not become a warlord and would not go towards extremism and misfortune. Book guides us and a society that lacks culture of book reading is like a graveyard.
Shahabuddin a retired officer who has lost his leg during a military mission and now the only way that he can bring bread to his family, is bookselling, he said, during the rule of mujaheddin and then Taliban, less people were enthusiast of book reading and since 1380 with opening of scholars, universities and libraries the culture of book reading has improved among students.
At present rich people are not enthusiast of book reading and poor people don’t afford to buy book, he concluded.
Masouda Qarizada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.