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‘Youth are key element of a society’

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Abdul Wasi Sharifi was born in an open-mined family in 1368. He has been graduated from computer science faculty in Logar province and is the head of TGFC.

About his sport activities, Sharifi said, ‘As I was really interested in martial art, I had started boxing in 1382 and I could gain the national team membership in 1383.

In a competition held in 1383, I got the third position, he further said.

It is worth mentioning that I had been recognized as the best athlete in 1386, he added.

About the change in his sport field he said as there had been created many problems in boxing federation, I decided to start Wushu and my master was Habib Rasoul.

He added I had been the champ in weight 80 kg and later, I got the third position in weight 75 kg.

In 1391, I had four competitions in one day and got the first position and won the gold medal, he stated.

My achievements in sport field are fourteen gold medals, a bronzemedal and four cups, he went on to say.

‘I started free fight exercises in 2017, as I had a contest in India and had been recognized as the champ,’ he said.

About a professional master he said, ‘A master should treat well with athletes and should professionally teach the sport.’

About sport benefits he said, ‘Sport is the best way to be healthy and get rid of any kinds of pains in the body.’

At the end, he said a society would improve when it has strong youth, because, youth are the key element of a society.

Likewise, youth should not only rely on sport but they should also continue their higher educations, he added.

Nangialay Osmani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.