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Writing rules, grammar should be observed in advertisements and billboards


By: The Kabul Times

The officials of advertising and sign boards commission have collected and improved tens of irregular and non-standard sign boards during assessment of stores in Kabul city.
In an interview with the BNA, secretary of the commission Mohammad Kabir Sultani said, this commission consists of authorized representatives of MoIC, MoPH, MoI, MoCIT, MoCI as well as Kabul Municipality, NDS and craftsmen National Union.
Talking on the activities of the commission Sultani said that based on 16th article of the constitution, article 45th of mass media law and presidential order, this commission has been established to improve signs and advertisement bill boards according to academic and standard methods and preservation of official and native rules of the country.
Talking on the goals of the commission, Sultani added these goals are as following:
– Using of foreign words should be prevented and sign and billboards be written in our official and native languages, for example: Chicken Soup.
– Advertisements, sign boards, announcements, titles and warnings should not be written in foreign languages only but their translations to one of the official and native languages of our country should also be written.
– In advertisements boards and sign billboards, spelling, orthography and dictation as well as composition, writing rules and grammar and punctuation should be strongly observed.
– The upper parts of sign boards and advertisements billboards should be written in both or one of the native languages and in case of need in lower part in foreign languages. Advertisements and sign boards should be clear.
Sultani added according to procedure, the commission holds many meetings on its work structure with relevant bodies. The Kabul Municipality Cultural Department has offered cooperation in this direction particularly on implementation of presidential order on the signboards’ importance.
Sultani went on to say Deputy MoIC for publications Fazel Sancharaki who chairs the commission has played effective role in acceleration of the commission work process with his valuable opinions and ideas.
He added, in the last 18 years, culture of aliens has influenced into the country and its improvement is impossible in short time. The commission is trying for implementation of presidential order and preventing of influence of alien’s culture through signboards and advertisements billboards to collect large number of irregular and non-standard boards in Kabul and this activity will be going on and according to articles 11 and 12 of Kabul Municipality law of municipal services, violators will be prosecuted.

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