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Wrestling; an ancient sport with long story

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Fraidoun Mohammadi has born in 1362 solar year in Panjshir province. He has graduated from 12th grade and is a trainer in wrestling federation.
Due to financial problems, he could not continue his higher education but trained many youth to sport society.
About his sport functions he said, “As I was interested to sport, I started wrestling in 1376 under supervision of Master Habib Shah Pariani in Maaref club.”
He added in 1377, I had participated in Olympic national team competitions and fortunately, I could gain the third position with a bronze medal.
He said due to some problems within the federation, the competitions didn’t hold again for years, adding in 1382, in weight 69 kg competitions, I got the first position and won a gold medal.
“I could keep my championship by 1386,” he went on to say.
He added after I got hurt, I couldn’t keep my championship.
He stated I had attended in competitions in Iran, Pakistan, UAE and Bangladesh as well.
His prizes are four gold, three silver and seven bronze medals.
In 1381, I started to professionally learn Zorkhana sport under Master Habibul Rahman Panjshiri.
About a wrestler’s characters he said, “A wrestler should have manhood and a good behavior and never misuse his power.”
At the end, his message to youth was that if you want to be healthy, do sportin any fields you want.

Nangialay Osmani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.