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World Trade Center opened in Kabul

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By: Shukria Kohistani

World Trade Center has been opened in Kabul to further absorb and attract investment in Afghanistan. The center is considered one of the 300 member center of World Trade Center whose main office is in New York.
Afghan economists and traders in interviews with The Kabul Times correspondent have said by creating the world trade center in Kabul domestic investment will be further convinced. Beside, those working or somehow having membership of the center can address problems and challenges facing Afghan traders.
“Investment support agencies should pave the way for further investment inside the country and the newly-established center is part of the World Trade Center in which Afghan traders have membership and representatives of traders might have good role for addressing problems of investors in the country,” said Saifuddin Saihoon, an Afghan economist.
He said that undoubtedly Afghan investors are facing with various challenges in trade, hoping that current challenges facing Afghan traders would be addressed by establishment of such centers in the country. “The establishment of such a center can attract and absorb further investment to the country,” Saihoon added.
Janat Gul, one of Afghan traders, by welcoming creation of the world trade center in Kabul says currently Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI), ministry of commerce and dozens of other investment support agencies are operating, but most such centers are facing with challenges due to increasing insecurities across the country.
He asked the government to make continued effort to maintain security and stability as it would be very difficult to invest in a country where violence level on high level; therefore, establishment of such centers would not be effective if there was no peace.
It is worth mentioning that the World Trade Center has started its operation with the initiative of private sector and close coordination of World Trade Center in New York, US embassy to Kabul and Afghanistan government.
Acting minister of commerce and industries as well as officials of the private sector have considered establishment of the center as effective for expansion of Afghanistan experts and attraction of direct foreign investment in Afghanistan.
“This center is a world trademark operating around the world. Traders and businessmen will certainly come to Afghanistan for investment from now on,” said Nisar Ahmad Ghoryani, acting minister of commerce and industries.
Meanwhile, chief executive of the newly-established world trade center in Kabul has also said that establishment of the center was aimed to deliver necessary services and facilitations to national and international traders so that they can easily investment in the country. The Kabul World Trade Center has started its operation at a time when direct foreign investment has reached to very low percentage in recent years due to increasing insecurities and violence.

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