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World Olympic Day: Presence of Afghan youth in international competitions unprecedented


By: Lailuma Noori

World Olympic Day is observed on 23rd June all around the world by hundreds of thousands of people (old and young) participate in sports activities, such as runs, exhibitions, music and educational seminars.
Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of new Olympia, created the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on 23 June 1894 and was the president of IOC for 29 years from 1896 – 1925.
The goal and objective of World Olympic Day is to promote participation in different sports throughout the world without any discrimination of the gender, age and athletic ability. This day was started to increase awareness about the health and sports among general public through various methods.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is a non-governmental sports organization based in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Olympic Day is nowadays developing into much more than just a sports event. Based on the three pillars “move”, “learn” and “discover”, National Olympic Committees are deploying sports, cultural and educational activities. Some countries have incorporated the event into the school curriculum and, in recent years, many NOCs have added concerts and exhibitions to the celebration. 
Commemorating the birth of the modern Olympic Games, Olympic Day is not only a celebration, but an international effort to promote fitness and well-being in addition to the Olympic ideals of Fair Play, Perseverance, Respect and Sportsmanship.
Based on charter of International Olympic Committee (IOC), Afghanistan introduced five sports sections as football, wrestling, hockey, athletic light and heavy in 1934 and joined the IOC in 1934.
Currently, the National U20 Futsal Team finished second in the AFC Futsal Championship after losing the final match against Japan.The match was held in the city of Tabriz, Iran, on Saturday, 22 June. This is the first time that Afghanistan is reaching the final of the futsal championship. The match was started with a storm of attacks by Afghan side but the first two goals were scored by Japan in the first half. 
The Afghan side hit the first goal in the second half and had many attacks but could not score a goal. 
The match ended 3-1 in Japan’s favor.  Japan has won the title two times in its history.
The two teams played a friendly match before the start of the AFC Championship, in which Afghanistan defeated Japan 4-3. Momrak is coaching the U20 futsal team since 2013 and so far the team has scored 10 goals in the AFC U20 Championship. The national futsal team member Sayed Hussain Musawi has scored six goals in the championship. 
All the people of Afghanistan in particular President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and chief executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah welcomed the success of the national team in the tournament and praised the team for their efforts as well as congratulated the team for getting the second position.
 The U20 futsal team has so far defeated Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia in the AFC Futsal Championship.

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