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‘World Breastfeeding Week’ marked in Kabul

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The gender department of Ministry of Information and Culture (MoIC) celebrated Breastfeeding World Week with the cooperation of Ministry of Public Health under the slogan of “Breastfeeding Foundation of Life” in the ministry’s press hall.
According to The Kabul Times reporter, at the outset of the ceremony, talking on breastfeeding, the incharge of MoPH breastfeeding branch, Dr. Mohammad Sarwar said, researches have shown that on time beginning of breastfeeding in the first hour after delivery causes 22pc reduction of babies’ mortality while pure breastfeeding in the first six months decreases 13pc mortality rate. Providing suitable food after six months causes 6pc salvation of babies. Malnutrition plays role in 45pc death of babies under 5 years. Breastfeeding is one of the best investment on world health. Every dollar input or investment on breastfeeding, has US $35 output.
He added, if we could increase this rate and become sure that all babies in the first hour after delivery are fed with breastfeeding and make sure that over 90pc of new born babies are fed with breastfeeding in the first six months of life, we could prevent mortality of over 32000 babies under 5 years.
The facts found on breastfeeding at global level causes the following achievements: Salvation of over 820000 babies under 5, Prevents mortality of over 20000 breast cancers, Saveshundred million dollars in health care expenditure, Creates extra income of annually US $302 billion including 0.5 pc national income of every country, Breastfeeding increases 3-4 concessions in IQ and only 40 pc of babies under 6 months are fed with breastfeeding.
Later on talking on the media role in awareness giving on breastfeeding, the advisor of MoIC on publications Sayed Jafar Rasteen said, today over 3000 media are operating in the country and they should improve public knowledge and awareness on this issue. Both breastfeeding and food security are important equally that must be focused. “Based on our responsibilities, we should develop principle of breastfeeding as a culture.”
Rasteen hinted on unhealthy nutrition and its connection with warand insecurities.
Addressing the ceremony, the head of MoIC Gender departmentMahbooba Saadat said, although since the past, the world week of breastfeeding has been celebrated in Afghanistan but we need a strategic and sustainable policy.
She added, in 2018 the Nutrition department, MoPH has been making efforts to bridge this gap under the umbrella of national agenda of food security and nutrition and plans to undertake effective measures on public awareness on advantages of breastfeeding.
According to her, measures were adopted in the first meeting of High Committee of Food immunity and nutrition leadership led by Afghan CE in which the MoPH was tasked to establish a committee of concerned local and foreign partners and prepare a draft plan of celebration of world week breastfeeding in one month and present it to executive committee of national agenda.
At the end of ceremony, a presentation was given by MoPH team to the participants.
Lailuma Noori

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