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Women’s wide presence in peace talks a must


By: Mssouda Qarizada

The peace process of Afghanistan is a national one that all strata of Afghan society should see themselves in the mirror of peace and this impacts on internal negotiations in the connection.
So, all strata of the society should attend in it.
The US Special Envoy also laid emphasize on participation of Afghan women in intra-Afghan dialogue. But, the question in this respect is this that how the presence of women is maintained especially in national level so that the sustainable and countrywide peace be ensured.
No doubt, all societies are standing on two pillars, man and woman.
In the world level, Afghanistan is enumerating as a third world member country and remained backward.
One of reasons behind this backwardness is not permitting of women for utility from their capabilities.
Those countries that enjoying from high progress and developments, in fact, they benefited from talents and abilities of women as a good manner.
Afghanistan that is chanting the slogan of freedom of expression, women rights and their freedom, but presence of women in government administrations and non-government institutions is unfading.
We should not summarize all Afghanistan only in Kabul. Afghanistan covers 34 provinces. Sans Kabul, in all provinces of Afghanistan, women are facing with much deprivations.
The presence of women should be considered in political, military, economic, social and all different aspects of life of the society. Because, majority of women are capable to shine better.
Taliban should also in the right of Islamic Sharia should pay heed to women position in the society.
Holy religion of Islam also instructed the talents and abilities of women should be used in various social, economic and cultural aspects of life.
As a whole, we can say that all methods and roadmaps that can permit women, pass through instructions of holy religion of Islam.
We can say that Islam is a comprehensive and complete religion comparing all other.
This religion never prevent from presence of women in universities, learning knowledge and politics. With doing so, half part of the society would paralyze.
So, no one is permitted to allot the caliphate of Almighty of Allah only to man on the earth. Because, they are also the noblest creature of Allah the Almighty on the earth and also they are human beings.
Even in other societies that have no believe in heavenly religion, the women are permitted to use their abilities and capabilities in promotion of their societies,
Now, in peace process, Taliban resort to religious constructions in regard with women, while religion also permits them.
On the other, in recent 18 years, after the fall of Taliban regime, majority of women especially in cities, are witnessing of developments and main achievements in social life and had access in their basic rights.
Since that time, this country is witnessing of continued education and their activities in general and special zones.
So, considering these achievements, the role of women should not be ignored in peace negotiation with Taliban.
Now, women are lecturer, minister, member of parliament as well as in the level of elites in social life. Within recent 18 years, they did to shine more even than men. They should attend in peace negotiation with Taliban and solution of disputes, closed and non-homogeneous structure of society are two main factors before women vast participation in political field especially in peace negotiation.
If women be deprived from attending to this national process, no doubt, this means paralyzing of our society.
As Afghanistan is experiencing bloody wars and considering of the dimension of psychology, men are more stone-hearted and women can instruct peace process into soon solution.
If women not to attend in peace process, the nacent democracy and fragile recent 18 years achievements would annihilate and long-term and countrywide peace not to be maintained.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.