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Women’s key role in upcoming parliamentary elections


In democratic societies, citizens’ participation plays a pivotal role in a country’s political development. People constitute the main pillars of democratic system which gains its legitimacy from public vote. The vast participation of people will result in building a stronger government. 
Public participation in politics does not necessarily mean to cast the vote to ballot boxes, however, citizens are highly responsible in protecting the government and developing the community. This responsibility comes if people are involved in the structure of policy and power. Thus, governments will have to pave the way for equal participation of citizens and eradicate political, cultural, and economic obstacles impeding their participation. 
The participation of women in political processes is essential to achieving peace and countering violent extremism in Afghanistan. Despite the disproportionate impact of conflict on women, and mounting evidence indicating that women are powerful actors in sustaining peace in their communities and nations, their inclusion in peace negotiations and political processes remains minimal.
Women constitute the half part of population of a society and play a fundamental role in determining the political destiny of a country. Lack of women’s political participation in power and government forces men’s hand to expose women to various harms. When women are vulnerable and remain bereft of their fundamental rights, it will put an adverse effect on society and future generation. 
The National Unity Government (NUG) sought the greater role of women in government’s body, appointing women as ministers, deputy ministers, ambassadors and even for the first time introduce a female candidate for Supreme Court Leading Panel. NUG has also initiated many national and international conferences as well as organized programs to raise awareness for women’s key role within the Afghan society.
But, despite all progresses made during past years, there are still concerns on potential dangers threatening the minimum hard-gained achievements and reversal of the achievements regarding the lives and conditions of the women in the country.
Meanwhile women in most of the provinces of the country seeing insecurity as the biggest challenge before their participation in upcoming parliamentary elections which is due to be held on October 20.
Inadequate security could deprive women of exercising their right to vote, and they are asking parliamentary elections’ candidates to steer the country out of the crisis and restore parliament’s credibility without being influenced by sectarian, linguistic or ethnic considerations.
To achieve a progressive and stable Afghanistan, a vast presence of women and men at all levels is needed. It is necessary to examine the factors behind the being lack of participation of women in various institutions; then figure out how to facilitate their further participation.
The doors of schools and universities should be always open to females and all obstacles before their education must come to an end and ground should be prepared for their active participation in all democratic processes in the country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.