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Women’s cultural, economic activities

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Women are a capable and brave strata who have managed to fight all social problems despite of current shortages and reflected social hardships and pains.
In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, Fetema Naik Rasooli said, I am a teacher in Jawzjan province and beside that since three years. I have been working as family advisor and social and psychologist worker in secure homes of damaged women. I write books on women’s pains and grievances and so for I have written five books that reflect tragic stories, wars, and social disorders and all of them have been published.
Ms Rasooli added, majority of women want their pains and problems be published. I applied to the MoIC to publish a magazine (our voice) and received an official permit and its first volume was published that contains women socio, economic, cultural and political problems. I ask readers and enthusiasts of my books and magazine only don’t enjoy my books but they should share their opinion and raise their voice against ignorance and oppression, inequality and injustice in our society and publish them in my magazine.

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Fatema said, beside being a teacher, I am representing women journalists in Afghan women journalists social association vulenteerly. In this association 130 women journalists and students are working. This association also provide jobs to those educated girls or women who despite of their education documents are unemployed. We also help poor women and widows to learn literacy, a profession for example cultivation and processing of mushroom and support their families through its income.
Rasooli went on to say, a number of unemployed educated girls and women started cooperation with association in literacy courses, English, mathematics, tailoring and mushroom plantation. I received loan from a bank to supply equipments including chairs, desks, tailoring machines, moble and furniture etc. for three months they helped me free of charge, but due to lack of payment the courses were stopped. I started efforts to reactivate these course and try to pay the teachers salaries.
The tailoring branch and mushroom plantation produced good results.
She added, a number of girls and women were enthusiast of sport. So I supplied a tennis table from stadium of Jawzjan province for them.
Talking on her future plans, Ms. Rasooli said, I want to find jobs for unemployed but eligible educated girls and women and establish a Radio Station to raise the voice and pains and handships of women and broadcast it.
I would like to request the government, national and foreign traders and domestic organizations to support our association and enable us to tackle women problems.
Karima Malikzda

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