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Women should play role in peace process, State Minister for Peace


By: Suraya Raiszada

KABUL: State Minister for Peace, Abdul Salam Rahimi has emphasized for women partnership in peace as negotiation between the US special envoy and the Taliban representatives are going on.
He said women role in peace process needed support from women themselves and that the government of Afghanistan supports women’s active role in the process.
“Women from various levels of villages and districts council should share their views about peace and undoubtedly the government supports their voices,” said the statement minister for peace, Rahimi.
On the other hand, the High Peace Council leadership also emphasizes on women role in peace process and said: “In order to have a comprehensive peace process, there is a need for women partnership in peace.”
The UN authorities also said for having an inclusive peace process, both men and women should have their views about the process.
Inside Afghanistan, a number of civil society members and women rights activists also ask the government to give portion in peace process as Humaira Saqib a women right activists and member of civil society said women should have been given key part in the peace process as there was no doubt that no process would be successful unless women have key part.
The government of Afghanistan has also assured that women would have effective part in the peace process and their role had not been ignored.
Fariha a private university lecturer has said the peace process is a good opportunity for the women to defend their achievement and for change in their situation in the big decision should have share in the peace process.
Women role and their partnership in the big decision making processes in the developing countries can have special place in the development of the situation.
Women have now high capabilities to show in various fields and can play in determining the fates of the society through attending big policies such as election, peace process and the international meetings to rise their voice for women rights support.
They asked the government to support women role and partnership in different fate making process, particularly peace which can help gain their achievements in various fields in the country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.