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Women presence in media visible, Sancharaki

۲۷قو س ۱۳۹۷ نظر سنجی توازن جنسیت در رسانه ها ع قیومی 1 40

KABUL: Deputy minister of information and culture on publications, Fazel Sancharaki said despite challenges, women’s active presence in media was vast, Bakhtar News Agency (BNA) reported on Tuesday.
According to the agency, Kleed Group and UNESCO on Tuesday publicized a survey titled ‘Gender Balance’.
Calling the survey effective and precious, deputy minister Sancharaki said in fact we have been witnessing active presence of women in media over the last eighteen years, BNA added.
He added, unacceptable traditions in remote areas are among the big obstacles before presence of women in media.
The government of Afghanistan has always stressed on women role in media and other fields and made much effort in this regard, he went on to say.
According to law on procedure of media establishment, the media are obliged to raise the female journalists’ rights and we are making effort to help the women reach media leadership position, he continued.
Afterwards, head of Kleed Group, Najiba Ayoubi said her entity in cooperation with UNESCO have launched a survey to find the problems and challenges before presence of women in media.
The survey was part of South Asia Women Network’s survey which has been conducted in nine Asian countries, she added.
During the last survey, 1100 women were working in media, but now, we found out that 770 women are working in media, most of whom are in Kabul, Herat and Balkh provinces, she stated.

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