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Women entrepreneurs concerning over lack of markets for their products

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By: Shukria Kohistani
Despite that Afghan women entrepreneurs are facing with big problems and challenges, they have been able to play active role in private sector. Nevertheless, they say the only challenge they are facing with is lack of market for their products in the country. Besides, lack of access to financial resources and market, increasing insecurity, discrimination, negative minds, lack of experience and professional skills are considered as the principal problems facing Afghan women entrepreneurs in the country.

Based on Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI), currently Afghan women entrepreneurs have license for investment in Afghanistan. Besides, a number of private companies as well as small entrepreneurships are being led and managed by a number of women across the country.
In an interview with The Kabul Times correspondent, an Afghan female entrepreneur Humaira asked Afghanistan government to provide facilities to Afghan women entrepreneurs to sell their products as women have invested in various sectors in the country.
“Self-sufficiency can result in increasing confidence among women as well as play key role in development of the society,” Humaira said, adding that Afghan women entrepreneurs are considered as strong pillars of a developed society; therefore, Afghan need further support and cooperation in this regard.
Meanwhile, a number of Afghan women entrepreneurs in Daikduni are also complaining of lack of market for their local products particularly handicrafts.
“The government has no attention to women entrepreneurs,” said Binazeer Hussaini, a local entrepreneur who has been producing and selling handicrafts in provincial capital for the past 10 years.
She added that lack of market for their products and handicrafts was one of the main problems of women entrepreneurs in the country.
Mrs. Hussain started sewing and her work as an entrepreneur with only 500 AFG ten years ago. She said that her work was welcomed by people in Daikundu after her work was put for exhibition in provincial capital.
Mrs. Hussaini, making a living for her family providing expenditure for her children, further said that most women in the province have now started to do so and opened small entrepreneurships. Based on information of provincial directorate of women affairs, currently 59 women are working in private sector in Nili, the provincial capital of Daikundi.
A number of women entrepreneurs say local government particularly provincial directorate of women affairs are not cooperating with women entrepreneurs in connection with providing them a proper place for selling their products. According to Afghan women entrepreneurs, a separate market should be created for women in the province so that they can sell their handicrafts and products without any problems, but local government has not done anything despite of continued promised they have made in the past.

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