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Women challenges require urgent attention

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A five day seminar was held to find solution to the problems of women. Despite of positive developments in Afghan women life, they are still facing endless problems particularly the rural women. The reasons that have further challenged Afghan women include compulsory and premature marriages, familyviolence, beating, sexual harassment, deprivation of education. The Alpha Administration has recently organized a five day seminar to evaluate the women problems and find solution.
Addressing the opening ceremony of the seminar, the head of Alpha Organization Ali Misam Mateen said, during these five days, we would be discussing different aspects of women problems and expect the seminar to produce positive results.
Prior to this, a group of women rights advocates had said that despite of domestic and international efforts, for restoration of Afghan women basic rights, still no considerable improvement has taken place in their living conditions and threats against Afghan women and girls have been increasing.
Some women at the margin of the seminar said that no radical steps have been taken for women and they are facing serious problems.
Storai one of these women said, the government commitments for improvement of women living conditions have remained a slogan and on paper and no basic steps have been taken. We witnessed no vital change.
Addressing the seminar, chairman of Administrative Reforms Commission Nadir Naderi said, at present women have been employed in important position in the government and efforts are underway to advance this process.
He added, the president and the NUG are strongly advocating the women rights as the first woman was introduced to the Supreme Court membershipand additional number of women have been involved in decision making levels.
Some women said that the efforts made for this purpose were restricted to capital Kabul.
Wajiha an Afghan woman said, the women gains have been limited to Kabul city while in other provinces particularly in rural districts, women are facing with potential challenges that require urgent attention by government and women rights advocate bodies.
The women cases and files in district and provincial courts are not tackled properly and no one listen to women words in legal and judicial bodies. Criminals escape punishment and the helpless and oppressed women are suffering of injustice.
Shukria Kohistani

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