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‘Women; a force of positive change’

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In the changing landscape of Afghanistan’s socio-political scenario, it is important to encourage and appreciate the role of women. Without women, the ongoing processes of change would never lead to a better society. Therefore, it is important to let women participate in different walks of life so that they are able to acquire their true position within the society and, at the same time, support the society achieve stability and prosperity.
In order to ensure their role in the process of change, the Afghan Women’s National Consensus for peace on Thursday stressed the need for ending the conflict, saying no faction could trample on their rights.The session was held in the Loya Jirga tent and attended by President Ghani and First Lady Rula Ghani. Meanwhile nearly two thousand of women also took part in the event.
Addressing the gathering, President Ghani stressed the need for preserving women’s rights in the peace process and said the issue should be given a special attention during the upcoming Loya Jirga on peace in Kabul. The president also called the event a historic day and said women are a force of positive change in the country. “You are no longer victims of decisions on the future of Afghanistan. No one can impose peace on us. A peace which is not sustainable is rejected.”
Meanwhile the First Lady Rula Ghani said all Afghans want peace, but they don’t know why conflict drags on; we no longer want war as we are tired of it, the government desires peace and has plans for it.”Women always think no one listens to our voice. That is wrong because we are the key pillars of the community. Our thoughts and concerns are important and should be heard,” she stressed.
Despite having important roles and responsibilities in their cultures, women have struggled to participate in the formal peace process, which has been dominated by men. In situations of armed conflict, women play both an active and a passive role in the restoration of peace in Afghanistan. 
In the Afghan tradition, women have been wives and mothers, and few worked outside the home. Women taught their daughters and sons, proper behavior within the of society, as such, women have always been action vanguard of harmony in the community, which can be referred to as a “culture of peace”.
Afghan women who suffered decades of bloody war and violence should be respected and able to exercise their rights without fear and barriers. Women’s social and political role is really significant in human societies. Women form the half part of population of the world and their role is instrumental in societies’ progress. It is needed to treat them with respect and uphold their rights, which have been violated throughout the history. No stereotypes, misogynistic views and patriarchal systems are acceptable.
The Women’s consensus in Kabul issuing a declaration, said they demand Afghan-led peace talks, ceasefire, respecting women’s life, supporting the families of martyred soldiers and holding of transparent elections.
Considering women as the main force for the positive changes within the society, it is obligatory for all the strata of society to do more for increasing participation of the women in socio-economic and political engagements. Taliban and the Government needed to listen to their peaceful demands and avoid any acts to undermine their rights.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.