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Wishing a peaceful month of Ramadan


Both national and international stakeholders including Afghan people and religious scholars calling Taliban, for ceasefire, particularly during the holy month of Ramadan. People in different parts of the country urging all parties for ceasefire.
Afghans are highly exhausted from this endless insurgency which was inflicted upon them and led to heavy casualties. They pray for peace and wish to breathe safely in a serene atmosphere. The newspapers’ tragic headlines and gory pictures of the killed and wounded individuals on televisions are really traumatic for the public. To their unmitigated chagrin, there seems no panacea for their bleeding hearts. Neither the counterterrorism campaign nor a democratic state could remedy their problems.
According to Islamic teachings, the holy month of Ramadan is the month of blessings, forgiveness, kindness, brotherhood and love of humanity. Getting closer to Eid-Ul-Fiter it becomes more preponderant to Muslim people to show more generosity and sympathy to their poor brothers, sisters and community. On contrary to all these teachings and values, the terrorists groups show more brutality and atrocity within the month of holy Ramadan.
Taliban and the so-called IS militants sparing no efforts to shed the bloods of our innocent people during the holy month. Despite of the repeated calls for ceasefire in this blessing month, the terrorist groups, mainly Taliban rejected the Afghan people’s voices and expanded war to different parts of the country.
As US, UN, Qatar and Turkey pushing the Afghan warring sides for peace and reportedly hosting an important meeting this week to find way for lasting stability in the war-torn country, the Taliban once again made excuses, saying that are not ready to join the process.
Although it is a month of peace and blessing, Taliban once again ignoring Islamic principles and holy month of Ramadan and once again playing with the feeling of the millions of people, that are in dire need of peace in their country.
In fact, it is very surprising when a group who are the claimant of commitment to Islamic values, rejecting peace talks, target school children, women, mosque and other peaceful civilians which is completely in paradox.
The month of Ramadan intends to revive moral standards, religious values and social norms. It injects new blood into the society so as to energize ethical mores. The Taliban are required to change their natural character into good one and practice it in their whole life.
Likewise, they must learn unity, social solidarity and brotherhood and discard from all evils and harming their human fellows. Ramadan is considered to be the month of compassion and devotion. People are supposed to inject new life to their faith and be humanized through communing with Almighty Allah in the heart of nights and refrain not only from eating and drinking but from all evils and misdeeds.
People of Afghanistan welcome any steps leading to peace, security and peaceful relations with any world nations but no one seems optimistic because of the past 20 years of painful experience and thinking that peace in Afghanistan is a complex issue involving contrasting actors with different agendas. Therefore, people are extremely tired and pray during this holy month for a permanent solution to end the hatreds and start love and friendship.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.