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Winter best opportunity to suppress insurgents, officials

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With the advent of winter, the security entities have conducted vast operations to suppress the insurgents throughout the country.
According to officials of the ministries for defense and interior, currently, there are ten districts being controlled by the Taliban, but they would be retaken within two weeks.
The defense ministry spokesperson, Sayed Ghafour Jawid says that the Afghan Nation Army (ANA) have already started overnight air operations in some parts of Uruzgan province.
‘Cold season is the best opportunity for the Afghan security forces to suppress the insurgents,’ he stressed.
He added the Afghan security forces are making effort to decrease the security threats level.
At the same time, reporting about foiling enemies’ attacks in the winter, the interior ministry officials say that security and stability would not be ensured unless the regional countries don’t honestly cooperate in the respect.
The ministry’s spokesperson, Najib Danesh says that with lunching winter operations, our people would witness ensuring better security in upcoming spring, adding the country will be cleared of insurgents by the end of this year.
Afghan experts are saying that the Afghan security forces should make effort to use winter season as the best opportunity to suppress the insurgents across the country.
Former deputy minister of interior, Hadi Khalid said, “Fortunately, Afghanistan enjoys a special position among the neighboring and world countries, because, it has a regularized military forces and the world great powers are eager to cooperate with it in ensuring security, thus, achievements in fact indicate the Afghan security forces successes and capabilities.’
He stressed that creating coordination and having firm will to ensure security would raise the people’s hopes, because, the Afghan security forces are giving more casualties in the battlegrounds to ensure the people and country’s security.
Stressing on further equipping of the Afghan security forces in the winter, a military expert, Atiqullah Amarkhil said if the security entities further pressured the insurgents, security threats would be reduced in the next year.
Another military expert Amir Mohammad said that the security entities have made much effort to ensure security in the country and foil the enemies’ attacks, but unfortunately, due to duty negligence in a number of security posts, their casualties have been risen in some parts of the country which resulted in losing some districts.
This is while that the security entities annually report about vast military operations in the winter, but due to foreign supports from the enemy, the Afghan security forces would also be facing with security threats and challenges in next year.
Suraya Raiszada

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