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Will security agreements help restore peace and stability?


After signing Kabul-Washington security agreement at the very first days of national unity government formation, now China government asked for signing a security agreement between the two countries on fighting terrorism and border cooperation.
A newsletter released by the interior ministry said Wais Barmak recently met a Chinese delegation during which both sides discussed joint security cooperation between the two countries.
A 12-member Chinese delegation led by that country’s interior ministry deputy arrived in Kabul on Thursday. The visit aimed to discuss effective ways to fight terrorism, particularly in Afghanistan-China border areas.
During the meeting, Chinese interior ministry deputy asked for arranging a security agreement between the two countries.
He said his country was ready to professionally train Afghan security forces in China and further strengthen their capacities in war on terror.
Replying to Chinese delegation suggestions, Afghan interior minister said, “Regional cooperation is needed to fight terrorism and Afghanistan would welcome regional countries any constructive outlines in fighting terrorism and call it effective to suppress terrorist factions.”
He clarified that the people of Afghanistan have made much sacrifices in fighting terrorism and the ongoing imposed war has faced the regional security with problems.
It is merit to mention that the Chinese delegation has also met with the national unity government leaders and stressed on join cooperation on fighting terrorism.
Trade, diplomatic and political relations between the two countries have always been friendly and void of tensions and disputes.
It should be mentioned that both sides’ politicians are intensively making effort to further strengthen relations between the two countries.
In fact, both countries are striving to boost relations through Silk Route and expand political and trade relations in the region.
Opening of Wakhan route would not only provide the ground for linking Afghanistan and China but also shorten the way of transferring Central Asian and Gulf countries’ merchandizes. Actually, achieving these goals would be impossible unless security is ensured.
Therefore, it is hoped signing agreement between Afghanistan and China could be different then Afghanistan-US security agreement so security is ensured in both countries particularly within their vulnerable areas.

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