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Will Pakistan’s PM meeting with Taliban help maintain peace in Afghanistan?

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By: Lailuma Noori

As efforts towards holding direct talks with the Taliban group are underway, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan will meet a number of Taliban representatives. Afghanistan High Peace Council (HPC) considers the meeting as effective for maintaining peace in the country.
According to deputy of the council Azizullah Deen Mohammad, if Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan meets with Taliban negotiators to convince them for peace in Afghanistan, it is a good and positive step as Taliban are mostly active in Pakistan and their families are living in the respective country.
According to Pakistani news agencies, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan will meet with leaders of the Taliban in the near future in an attempt to push forward otherwise sluggish peace process in war-weary Afghanistan, his adviser on political affairs said Wednesday.
“Prime Minister Imran Khan will meet the Taliban leaders soon for the peaceful resolution of the Afghan crisis and the Afghan government has also shown its consent in this regard,” an advisor to the Pakistani premier Naeem ul Haq said as quoted by state-run Radio Pakistan while addressing a conference in the capital, Islamabad.
Haq said Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s visit to Pakistan late last month had helped build confidence between the two neighbors.
Ghani’s visit comes after Pakistan hosted dozens of Afghan political leaders to discuss the peace process and ways to move it forward. 
Pakistan has been always accused of supporting the Taliban group. Now, we will see what cooperation will be provided by Pakistan prime minister in connection with Afghanistan peace process. As a neighboring country of Afghanistan, Pakistan should take practical and honestly steps towards Afghan peace process so that the people of both countries can live in peaceful environment as none of the countries should seek their interests in insecurity of each other. Afghan political experts believe that Pakistan is under increasing pressures and has no other way except cooperating with Afghanistan in maintaining peace and stability in the country. According to the experts, Pakistan should stop their combat policy and reach an economical agreement with Afghanistan. There is optimistic that Pakistan will this time help Afghanistan in maintaining peace in the country although Pakistan had repeatedly promised to cooperate with Afghanistan peace process and no practical steps had been taken by the country in the past.
In consideration to changing of situation in the region, Pakistan will make use of its particular skill.
If Pakistan convinces the Taliban group for direct talks with Afghanistan government or leave Pakistan, peace can be restored in Afghanistan and the region.
Moreover, if Pakistan stops supporting the Taliban group, providing them with safe havens and stops providing them with financial and military equipment, no group in particular Taliban won’t live for a single month and will help decrease violence, insecurities and threats posed by terrorist groups in Afghanistan.
Reaching to lasting peace and stability is the desire of the people of both countries.
Cooperation of Pakistan with Afghanistan in maintaining peace and stability will help decrease violence and insecurities in Afghanistan.

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