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Why we didn’t go to Qatar?


The NUG is an originator of peace efforts. The peace plan was initiated for the first time in Kabul meeting that was supported by regional and trans-regional countries.
Later on a peace road-map was submitted in Geneva conference.
Prior to the NUG, war was the main dialogue in the country. The NUG that resisted with all its power against terrorists, at the same time, changed peace to a nationwide dialogue.
Today, peace has been changed to an important national issue and public discussion for all in each village, city, district and province. This national discussion needs vast and big national decision makings. As a national process, the peace process cannot be implemented behind closed doors with foreign prescriptions and external comparative mechanisms. This process is the demand of Afghan people and all should be involved in this big and national decision.
Due to this reason, in the last one year, the NUG has been carrying out most and vast consultations with different strata of the country including all political leaders and active and key parties and opinions of all political movements have been taken either within the framework of conciliation leadership council or within the consultative board.
Following the Moscow meeting, collective efforts took place to unify separate endeavors in a single bed and thus consultation council was setup to collect all different visions around the pivot of peace, while simultaneously Doha meeting was also on the line.
Several weeks before, president Ghani had started consultations to attend this meeting. A joint committee was tasked to work on an inclusive list that would magnificently represent Afghanistan.
A list of 249 people was agreed which was the product of long discussions and meetings of different parties and dignitaries and president Ghani played no role in preparing of this list.
He had always emphasized that an inclusive and comprehensive list should be arranged from the address of I.R.A. Despite of all its shortages, it was an inclusive list. Previous decision with all different parties was this that only one list should attend Doha meeting from the address of I.R.A and all jihadi and political leaders had agreed on this list.
We expected the host country and other parties to attach respect to demand and determination of the Afghan nation and not be an obstacle for this good start. Unfortunately despite of all efforts and endeavors, a parallel list was shaped by Qatar which was against the desire and intention of Afghan nation.
We have always welcomed constructive talks and discussions in connection to peace with involvement of a comprehensive representatives. Elementary details have been shared with us on a meeting in Samarqand.
But until considerations of the Afghan nation have not been taken into account in these meetings, participation of our delegation would be impossible. We have spent hard and difficult years of war and have given plenty of sacrifices.
During the last over 40 years, our every countrymen and women has felt and touched pains and hardships of war and vagabondage, how we could be an obstacle for peace?
Every day that our countrymen are martyred and victimized and the list of ANSF martyrs becoming longer or a school, clinic, road, bridge is destroyed, we suffer heavier than before.
We have time and again said that a dignified and reliable peace is important to us. Peace mechanism is important. Peace cannot be implemented from the outside and comparative mechanisms of peace cannot be determined in outside. Peace policies should be arranged in accordance to our society’s realities.
Peace is the desire of Afghans and people determine its boundaries. We are ready to attend external meetings if considerations of our people are met. We want to hear the voice of people in upcoming historical, national and grand jirga.
The main word is this that we are not an obstacle to peace and would never be. Peace is the desire of Afghan nation and the government is ready for every sacrifice to achieve this vital desire.
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