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Why terrorism not rooted out in Afghanistan?


Afghanistan is burning in flame of ongoing war and victim of international terrorism. War in Afghanistan has changed to a powerful and complicated element as it has regional and international dimensions. The increasing regional nature of the current war has the potentiality of destabilizing all the region.

Violence and threats posted by terrorist groups have unprecedentedly increased in Afghanistan. Members of parliament’s international relations commission and a number of Afghan experts believe that war in Afghanistan has intensified and increased comparing to previous years and there is no clear sign for ending the ongoing war in the country.

“This is still insecurity in Afghanistan where the people are concerning over their future – situation in the country is deteriorating day by day as the number of terrorist groups has increased in recent years; therefore, Afghans are living in fear,” head of parliament’s international relations commission Zmarak Padkhwabi said.

Meanwhile, a number of Afghan political experts say after 17 years of war on terror in Afghanistan, terrorism was neither rooted out nor suppressed as new insurgent group titled ‘Daesh’ has appeared and is now threatening all the region even the world.

“We see consequences of both war and development in Afghanistan. Previously, there was only one insurgent group and that was the Taliban group, but now there are more than 20 terrorist groups fighting in Afghanistan,” an Afghan political expert Intezar Khadem said.

“US has spent nearly $127 billion for reconstruction of Afghanistan, which we can see developments in this regard, while the country has spent $747 billion in war on terror in Afghanistan, but we do not see any considerable results in this sector,” Khadem added.

And, as many people indicate, there are a lot of improvements in social indicators, health, education, longevity, literacy, and so on and so forth. And you have a new generation of young people in Afghanistan that wants to stay and help develop the country in a more progressive way.

But, of course, there’s also insecurity, as we have seen today and previously. There’s a war economy that’s not sustainable. There’s corruption. And, of course, much of the progress is confined to and the urban areas.

On the other hand, UN in its recent report has said that 40,000 Afghans have sustained casualties during the past four years due to suicide attacks and explosions in Afghanistan.

On daily basis, human rights of the Afghan people are violated and the rate of casualties in particular innocent civilians is increasing. If security is not maintained and further attention is not paid to human rights of Afghans, situation in the country will get worse.

Although Afghanistan has considerable developments in other sections, the issue of security is still challenging for the government.

But now the question is ‘why terrorism has not been rooted out in Afghanistan in the past 17 years?’

The answer is simple. Terrorism threatening the world in particular Afghanistan won’t be rooted out unless there is regional and international convergence to fight terrorism and strong determination in national and international level.

Lailuma Noori



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