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Why ECC takes hostage election results?

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The IEC said that has sent final results of parliamentary elections to ECC to be released after confirmation.
But the ECC has not completed its work yet. The ECC is not ready to talk frankly on this issue. Prolongation of ECC work and delay in announcement of results of election paves the way for financial corruption and influencing.
As much as the release of the final results of parliamentary election is delayed, public trust to future parliament decreases. Elimination of public trust causes the upcoming parliament to fail.
Not releasing of the results creates other problems. Some of the previous lawmakers wanted to attend the house and hold meeting. They believe that until the releasing of results, the previous house should continue its activities.
The presidential palace sent a special force to the building to prevent arrival of previous lawmakers. This prevention and insistence show that delay in announcement of results creates problem in one hand and lack of parliament causes disrupting of constitution based system on the other.
This system that requires judicial and legislation branches to exist beside the government. Other problem is this that the term of some senators has been over and requires quick rehabilitation of constitution based system and the new parliament should assume the responsibility.
The government emphasizes that in case of talks and end of war this system must be protected. The government is right in this relations. Lack of consecution and disturbing of constitution based system has caused stopping of progress and economic-politico development in each era.
This system must be protected and be improved in case of need so no obstacle would remain ahead of Afghanistan political progress.
Some of those who suggest anti-constitution solutions for Afghanistan believe, that constitution-based system has been destroyed and call lack of parliament as its sign. The government and ECC must not allow them to talk more. The constitution based system must be restored as quick as possible. The ECC should take step quickly to pave the way for opening of the new parliament as soon as possible by the president.
The donors also want the new legislative be opened soon. They have invested for holding of parliamentary election and expect it to assume job soon.
Those Afghan citizens who despite of serious security threats attended the polling stations, also want the elected parliament to start its work quickly.
The Republication Order also requires that the new parliament take shape quickly to supervise the government activities.
As muchas the results are delayed, the government shortages would increase and there would be no supervising authority to divulge the shortages. Until the results of last election are not released, the ECC and IEC can’t take preparation for upcoming presidential elections. Both IEC and ECC can work on presidential elections only when the case of parliamentary elections is closed and this case would be closed only when the results are released.
Taking into account the current situation of the country, the ECC should finish assessment of final results and give ICE the opportunity to release the results.
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