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Whether the battlefield would be re-unfading?


By: The Kabul Times

The deadline for probational period of reduced-violences by the Taliban concluded at 12:00 am last night. In this one week period, at least 16 provinces witnessed insecurities. Despite of that the data released by ANDSF show that war violences by Taliban in the last seven days had considerably reduced and the Taliban militants refrained extensive attacks on ANDSF positions and NATO forces.
The released data by ANDSF until the end of Friday Feb 29th show that during the last week, at least 15 attacks carried out by the Taliban fighters in different provinces as a result 15 ANDSF were killed, 50 injured but full details of incidents of military and civilians casualties are not available.
Addressing the media, spokesman of MoD Roohullah Ahmadzay said that full details are expected to be released soon.
ANDSF data show that at least in 16 provinces clashes had been going on between ANDSF and Taliban insurgents. These provinces include Faryab, Uruzgan, Paktya, Balkh, Baghlan, Takhar, Helmand, Kapisa, Badghis, Samangan, Laghman, Logar, Ghazni, Kandahar, Zabul and Farah.
On the first day of reduced- violence week, separate clashes had been reported between ANDSF-Taliban in eight provinces.
MoD officials have said that limited attacks took place by Taliban and repulsed by ANDSF. Acting MoD Assadullah Khalid has said that those attacks were not serious.
On the second day of period, two security incidents were reported in Kandahar province as Taliban militants had attacked a convoy of ANDSF in Shah Wali Kot district and a roadside mine detonated but left behind no casualties.
On the other day, three incidents happened in Balkh, Helmand and Samangan provinces in which four paramilitia, three civilians and three ANDSF soldiers killed and 8 ANDSF soldiers injured.
On the fourth day of reduced violence period, as a result of four security incidents in Zabul, Ghazni, Farah, and Helmand, five soldiers killed and 10 injured. On the 5th day of reduced violence. Logar, Ghazni, Zabul, Kandahar and Laghman provinces had witnessed Taliban attacks in which four civilians killed and four ANDSF injured.
On the 6th day of reduced violence, an ANP soldier was killed in a roadside mine explosion in Chemtal district, Balkh province and three incidents took place in Herat province including kidnapping of an ANA col (Ret).
According to MoI spokesman Nasrat Rahimi, on the last day of reduced violence week, Taliban insurgents attacked security forces in Kapisa and Laghman provinces and one ANP injured and one ANDSF was killed in Laghman.
In a roadside mine explosion in Zar Shahr district, Badakhshan province one Popular Uprising commander injured.
While the Taliban casualties have not been unveiled, Taliban don’t consider these attacks as violation of reduced violence principle. Because based on agreement between Taliban and the USA the Taliban militants were only obliged not to attack capital cities, highways, ANA Army corps ANP centers as well as NATO-US forces in Afghanistan.
Although the Afghan government had requested 7-10 day ceasefire by Taliban to prove that Taliban act unitedly, but the latter agreed on a seven day reduced violence with the US.
The Afghan government and RS (NATO) were expected to observe jointly the one week reduced-violence. Spokesman of NSC Jawed Faisal said joint observing findings are due to be released soon.
Simultaneous with beginning of probational period of reduced-violence, in a statement, the Taliban leaders had ordered their subordinate militants that after the week, they will be instructed to take essential measures. But unconfirmed reports say that following the first week, this deadline would continue two weeks more that ultimately would result in a ceasefire. NSC spokesman said, if Taliban militants return to battlefield, it would affect intra-Afghan dialogue.
Taliban have not reacted yet.

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