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Where is the Republican System?

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By: The Kabul Times

In the concluding resolution of Doha talks, the Republican System has not been mentioned. This is an important question that whether Afghanistan would enjoy nationwide reliable peace and security without the Republican System?
Whether the dream of Afghan people on a reliable security and nationwide peace would be materialized without a Republican System?
The experiences of the recent forty years show that it is impossible. In the resolution of Doha talks emphasize has taken place on Islamic System but the Republican System is absent. No doubt at presented the Afghan government represents Islamic identity of this territory. Islamic Republic means that Republic of Afghanistan belongs to muslims.
Afghanistan legal system has also taken shape based on Sharia orders and modern rights. Sharia has never been separate from Afghanistan legal system. But the cause of crisis and dispute is this that some forces including Taliban don’t accept Republican System.
It doesn’t mean that some political forces are in favor on as offensive secular system that requires fighting with religious symbols in public spaces. This is never our problem.
Our problem is this that certain forces including Taliban didn’t want to be part of the Republican System.
In 2002, the Taliban had surrendered but the USA had rejected them and insurgency was started. But what is unquestionable, is this that since 2008, the government position is this that Taliban must be part of the Republican System.
Afghanistan political and cultural diversity could be implemented peacefully only in an indulgent Republican System. If we lack Republican System, we lack stability.
In today’s Afghanistan, the Republican System is based on representative democracy and constitution. In absence of a constitution based Republican System, reliable peace could not be restored. Negation of republic and electoral legitimacy means repeat of the past failed experience. In absence of the Republican System and electoral legitimacy, the government should get its legitimacy from another place.
It is clear that all political forces and Afghanistan citizens attach no reputation to a legitimacy that its base is not nationwide, secret and competitive elections. It is true that absolute majority of Afghanistan population are muslims, but being a muslim is one of the identical areas of our people. Identity is not a mono-dimensional issue. Standard polls and elections that took place in the last 18 years, show that Republican System is a national demand and no foreign country has imposed it on us. It is also true that the idea or theory of Republican System was created in the west, but at present it has been changed to a worldwide and universal value. Human Rights, empowerment of women, democracy and the rule of law are global values.
If our republican system in Afghanistan, is not in favor of these values, even if the war is also ended, Afghanistan relations with the world community would be eliminated.
Those who are fond of Saudi Arabia model, should realize that the Petro-dollars rescued people of Saudi Arabia from starvation.
The need of western industrial wheels to Saudi Arabia oil caused Europe and the USA to ignore global values in dealing with Saudi rulers.
But whenever aid is given to a country, it is clear that the donors have certain conditions that in their lack, they cannot pay money. In lack of a republic system, Afghanistan would reach peace neither with itself nor with others.
This is an issue that the participants of similar meetings should always take into account. All should always remember this fact that in absence of Republican System neither a powerful Afghanistan takes real shape nor the danger that threats the world security, is reduced. except the Republican System, we have no other ways.

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