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What to do in absence of regional consensus?

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By: Abdul Hadi Quraishi

The over four decades of imposed and proxy wars have been in interests of aliens. If the war continue, we will not reach ceasefire and peace. We should understood that there are black, dirty invisible hands among Afghans that don’t let them to reconcile, unite and reach peace and put an end to devastation.
If we scrutiny the ongoing four decades war, we conclude that have gained nothing but bloodletting devastation, disintegration of our historical army. Our government bodies were destroyed or razed to the ground, our highways, bridges, schools, hospitals were destroyed, our national economy was annihilated, our children were deprived of education and remained illiterate. Our country was globally isolated.
The self interested countries smartly exploited this situation and put fuel to fire of this devastating conflict. The result is nothing but devastation, misfortune and meaningless and free of charge sacrifices?
During this period millions of people were killed, injured, disabled, displaced, migrated around the world, brain drain took place, our youth affected with addiction.
Thousands mothers are mourning for their children, thousands young brides became widows, thousand children became orphan.
Exploiting the last over forty years experiences, today we should be smart and awaken, not to be deceived by enemies and self-interested aliens.
On 29.2. 2020 an agreement was signed between the US special representative for Afghan peace Zalmay Khalilzad and the Taliban representative Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar in Doha with the presence of 30 countries senior diplomat.
But neither violences decreased or war stopped and talks didn’t result in ceasefire. Today it seems that it was a demagogic gesture with no positive outcome.
The Afghan government showed flexibility, released thousands prisoners as majority of them returned to battlefield and resumed war against their people.
Due to interference of regional secret agencies and insincerity of spiteful regional countries, even no relative peace was available.
Certain regional countries even didn’t take at least small steps to reduce violence, but gestured like political shopkeepers and further shed the blood of innocent Afghans.
The Afghan noble people are unhappy for this gesture of some regional countries and no longer believe them.
We expected them specially Pakistan to stretch the hand of Islamic brotherhood toward us and express sincerity because we too had already extended many helps with her in hard days but they have forgotten everything. We need honest steps not false consensus.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.