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We will attend Qatar meeting: civil activists


A number of women and civil society activists said that they would attend the expected Qatar meeting on Afghanistan peace.
Chairperson of civil society complex Aziz Rafiyee said, yet officially they have not been invited to Qatar meeting but probably they would be invited officially.
He added, we want to attend every meeting or opportunity that could bring peace to the country. Fairly it should be said that we perhaps be the party in which would manage to convey people pains and messages to participating parties. No one has conveyed messages of both sides to each other. Political parties talk and discuss there own problem and power.
There is no main bridge between people and both sides. He emphasized, we hope the civil society would be a good connecting bridge between the people and both sides. The civil society must not be depended to government, political parties and Taliban. We hope the civil society would be the real voice of people in this meeting.
Rafiyee went on to say, to attend Qatar meeting there is no need to consult the government, political parties, politicians, or Taliban, because we don’t need to consult the government, political parties or Taliban. We consider all the participants as a party who think on their interests. Namely they talk on their own interests. We take the element of justice and serious voice of people to this meeting.
Qatar meeting is expected to be held among a number of Afghan politicians and Taliban representatives after the 5th round of talks of the US and Taliban. The 5th round of US and Taliban is expected to be organized on 25th of Feb in Qatar.
Chairwoman of Afghan Women Network Mary Akrami said they have not been invited officially to this meeting yet but they intend to attend it. Women should have equal presence with that of men.
She added, we are in favor of peace. The Taliban should accept the present system. No political game should take place. We should not go back, but should go ahead.
She clarified that in peace talks no decision should be taken on women rights in secret. Political system must not be changed. Law and public order must not be dealt and Afghanistan must not be isolated.
She added that the Afghan women believe that the participating men can work together with women in peace talks, so to achieve a reliable peace.
Political analyst Waheed Muzhda who is one of the participants of Moscow talks said that in Moscow meeting it was decided that Qatar meeting should be held as soon as possible but precise date of this meeting has not been fixed yet, because it is not known that the 5th round of US and Taliban meeting would how long last while the 4th round of their talks lasted six days. It is not clear whether the government, women or civil society would be invited to Qatar meeting or not? In Moscow meeting only one female lawmaker from Badakhshan Fawzia Kofi had attended.

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