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“We should create supporting system for women,” Minister Safi

عکس کریمه مطلب ثریا در مورد خشونت

So far the Afghan government has managed to draft plenty of supporting laws for women and prevention of violence against them that have been said to be the best and unique in the region.
Talking on the general socio, economic, political, and cultural situation of Afghan women in recent years, in an exclusive interview, acting Minister of Information and Culture Hasina Safi said, due to government’s efforts in the last two decades, the Afghan women gained good achievements in all spheres.
“If we refer to our constitution, according to its 22nd article,the women have been given the right of citizenship and have equal rights with men. 26 percent of lawmakers are women, four cabinet members are women. Several women are employed by judicial branch such as judges, attorneys as well as we have large number of active journalists, diplomats, cinematographers and etc,” the minister added.
Hinting toviolence against women and their harassment, the acting minister said Afghan women were not alone experiencing violence, but all over the globe there are different levels of violence against women.
Minister Safi went on to say, fortunately Afghanistan has signed many conventions on elimination of violence against women, which she pointed convention on prohibition of discrimination as the example.
“The Afghan government has taken certain steps on violence against women and has been reporting every year regularly to Geneva.”
“Despite of experiencing the dark period of Taliban rule and currently certain challenges ahead of them, women managed to show high skills and capacities and even play leadership role in many fields. Now we have successful Afghan women who are qualified traders. At present, the government has provided many opportunities for women which can be big gains. We should create a supporting system for women,” Minister Safi added.The minister clarified, establishment of high commission on prohibition of violence against women as the one of the basic steps.
“I want to promote the Gender Branch to Department level and will develop working criteria for it. Out of 64 posts of directorates in MoIC, only one is led by a woman, the rest are led by men,” she concluded.
Suraya Raiszada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.