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‘’We should bolster peace & brotherhood culture in our society,” President Ghani

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KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani attended and spoke during a ceremony held at Salam Khana Palace to commemorate Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)’s birthday, the Presidential Palace said in a statement on Tuesday.    
After reciting some verses of holy Quran by Alhaj Qari Barakatullah Saleem, while congratulating Milad-Un-Nabi to the Afghan nation and all Muslim people worldwide, the president said Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)’s prophetic mission took place while war, ignorance, discord and brutality had been reached their highest peak and the people’s lives had been destroying by wrongdoers.
Allah the Almighty had sent his messenger in those dark nights of the history to illuminate love and mercy torches, the president further said.
During those hard days, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) had to take the sword and fight against invading forces, but we all know that war was not his final goal and he was not willing to continue enmity with anyone, President Ghani added. The president clarified that in our society, we need to continue Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)’s way of life more than before.
He added we should bolster peace and brotherhood culture in our society.
He stressed that this is our national, Islamic and human duty to pave the way for future generations’ life and that to be void of war and hate.
At the end, the president said ulama councils’ heads would attend all administrative sessions being held in our provinces of the country, the preachers’ allowances would increase, hajis’ teachers would be chosen from among the masjids’ preachers and in cooperation with provincial administrations, computer classes would be held for preachers and religious scholars.
During the ceremony, a number of preachers and religious scholars also spoke about Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)’s virtues and stressed on Muslim people’s unity.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.