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We say “no” to any kind of violence against women, Afghan women


By: Masouda Qarizada

The 16 days campaign with violence against women is a global campaign that begins from November 25th and continues till December 10th.
Individuals, groups, institutions and governments share in this important cause and attract the world attention towards this heinous phenomenon of violence against women and girls.
This campaign was began for the first time by “Women World Leading Institute” in 1991 and General Assembly of the United Nations named this day in 17 October, 1999 because of assassination of three sisters i.e 25 November of 1960 as the “World Day of Non Violence Against Women”.
This campaign was held under the slogan of “You should get united for elimination of violence against women”.
Six main issues of this campaign are include of:
– November 25, the world day of elimination of violence against women,
– November 29, the world day of supporting women rights,
– December 1st, world day of campaign against AIDS,
– December 5, the world day of volunteer work for socio-economic expansion,
– December 6, anniversary of massacre in Montreal attack on engineering university and assassination of 14 women and wounding of 14 man and woman celebrated as the national day of commemorating and campaign against violence on women in Canada,
– December 10, the world day of human rights and anniversary of universal declaration of human rights,
So far, much countries have been joined in this campaign and celebrate it.
Joining to the 16-day world campaign of fighting against violence on women with the slogan of “Searching for standardization roadmaps of campaign against violences based on sexuality and annoyment in working place. (The final decision of labor world conference in Geneva in June, 2019) incharges the world people for bearing important responsibility.
Years have been elapsed in convergence with world in Afghanistan, we are the witness of holding of 16-days campaign against violence based on sexuality and celebration of world day of elimination of violence against women, and with performance of symbolic programs. But, in a country like Afghanistan that varieties of violences based on sexuality are imposing on women in world level, such programs have no impact.
Despite the level of awareness of people has been heightened in the connection, but violence victimize girls and women so far.
Holding of world campaign against violence on women for three decades is continuing in majority of the world countries including developed and developing countries, despite of this, challenges such as imposing of discrimination, inequality of rights between man and woman violation of women rights, imposing of sexual discrimination, depriving from right of citizenship etc. are remained as threats against women rights.
The righteous struggles for freedom and pleading for civil society that are not based on social realities placed man and woman against each other.
We should accept that there are inequalities between man and woman social position that is a bitter reality.
Elimination of violence against women and having a society void of any violence is an ordeal that would not be met forever, but, with increment of awareness and removal of factors of violence, we can reduce its expansion and intensity.

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