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‘We miss our professional actors’

عکس و مطلب کریمه در مورد مرگر و میر هنرمندان 1 1

By: Karima Malikzada

During the last one month a number of cinema and theatre actors and artists passed away and their space will be vacuumed in these two fields forever and have lift behind unforgettable memories for their friends and enthusiasts.
In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, Assessment and Supervision Manager of the Afghan Film Department Wali Talash said, unfortunately in 1397-1398 particularly in the last one month a number of our acknowledged, skilled and prominent actors passed away due to illness and senility including Amin Rahimi, Kabir Rahimi, Hanif Hangam, Ferahmand, Sayeed Miran Aqa, Ghafar Qotbyar, Wakil Naikbeen, Asef Jalali, Hasan Tajzay, Qader Farokh, Majeed Gheyasi, Soraya Mozhgan, Kazem Farnood, Maarefat Shah Maarefat and Jawan Sher Haideri, I had personally played with them in a lot of movies. Currently me, Humayoon Payaze, Jaafar Nawabi, Qader Aryayee and Salam Sangi (who is living abroad) are alive still).

عکس و مطلب کریمه در مورد مرگر و میر هنرمندان 2

Touching lack of famous actors, he said, our deceased actors had been working several decades in cinema and theatre and got valuable skills and qualifications but now in their absence their room is empty among us and in their lack producing of movies will be absolutely difficult if not impossible. Until the young actors fill their gap, it will take long time. I hope qualified cinematographers will appear in Afghanistan to fill this artistic gap.
He added, I expect the Afghan government and people to praise cinema and actors and support them. Majority of our actors have been serving the country in pitiful situations, didn’t left their homeland and bravely resisted in trench of cinema. The government should take step for treatment of ill actors even in abroad.
Cinematographer, director of the Afghan film Nabi Tanha said, cinema actors react against social problems and reflect realities of our culture. Most of them died due to economic constraint who didn’t effort to medicate themselves.
Tanha went on to say, we know that war is going on in our beloved homeland and large portion of budget is invested in military sector. Despite of this, we want the government to set up and allocate a fund for artists and actors through which we could support actors. Eng Latif one of the distinguished directors of Afghanistan is currently sick, I hope the concerned authorities particularly MoIC would take care of him. Lack of our artists is a great loss to our society.
Nasima Jalal actress of cinema and theatre said, in recent years we have unfortunately lost great number of our prominent actors and surprise death of those actors have lift unpleasant impacts on all actors.
Laila Hamdard also expressed deep sorrow for death of our actors and added that these defunct actors were our scenarists and directors and we miss them.
Hawa Noori an actress of theatre said death of several actors has shocked our artistic community.
The MoIC and Art High Council have recently presented a proposal on assistance to 50 artists to presidential authority as the president approved it and ordered payment of regular monthly salary to old artists.

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