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“We are indebted to your sacrifices,” President Ghani to armed forces


By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, in a meeting with the country’s armed forces, while congratulating them on the arrival of Eid al-Adha, said that they have safeguarded the country’s border with their bloods, a statement from the Presidential Palace said Tuesday.
“We are indebted to you as you have safeguarded the country with your blood. You have foiled four waves of the enemy’s attacks, so you are victorious in the battlefield,” said the country’s president.
The president again praised the country’s security and defense forces for their efforts to take security of the parliamentary election and said they could successfully tighten the security of the upcoming presidential election as well, the statement quoted.
“The nation would never forget your sacrifices as your blood is being shed for the country, every day,” the president was quoted by the statement as saying.
Peace has conditions, but for the peace negotiation, we don’t have condition, the country’s security and defense forces would never be dealt and that any peace deal in which Afghanistan national identity and authority were not secured, is not acceptable, the president warned.
“Safeguarding the system is the duty of any of us. Explosion and suicide have no place in Islam,” said the country’s president.
He said in the next six weeks, the country’s security and defense forces’ pilots would be provided with residential units and inside any army corps, residential townships would be constructed so that the country’s army forces family live with tranquility.
He said the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the country’s security and defense forces were the main partners of the world and official and legal representatives of the people of the country. “We sign no new agreement with the US and NATO. All your strategic agreements and treaties with the US, NATO and other world countries, were stable,” said the president as quoted by the statement.
The president went on as saying there were clear international commitment for funding, equipping and training of the country’ security and defense forces and that here is the word about common interests and we would go ahead under a joint interest with the world.
He added the country’s security forces campaigns were for defending 35 million population of the country and that their campaign was legitimate.
The country’s chief of army staff and the acting minister of interior also spoke at the meeting and assured the country’s president that they would spare no effort to fight the country’s enemy and defend the country’s territorial integrity and national sovereignty.

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