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WB to spend $ 20 million on power supply project in Herat’s three districts

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The World Bank (WB) will spend $ 20 million in the power supply project expected to be launched in Karkh, Pashtun Zarghun, Oba and Chesh districts of Herat province, its in-charges said.
The installation of power pylons has been completed up to Karkh district, and the district’s power substation work has been wrapped up by 90%.
Mohammad Tahir Arif, head of Herat-Breshna told media that power supply work of three other districts would also begin soon.
“The installation work of the power pylons in Karkh district has been completed by Afghanistan’s Breshna Shirkat, and the contract for installing the pylons, lines’ extension in the Obba and Chesht-e- Sharif and Pashtun Zarghun districts is scheduled to be finalized within one or two weeks and the rest of the work will be done by the contracting company.”
The power supply project in four eastern districts of Herat province began last year. 10 megawatts of power has been said to be allocated for each district.
According to the timetable, the project is scheduled to be completed within 18 months, through which about 20,000 families are expected to be benefited from electricity.
Heart eastern districts’ residents ask the government to accelerate the process of power supply in these districts.
According to them, power has been expecting to come to Korkh district since ten years, but the people of Karkh are 100% hopeful and expect the electricity to come sooner.
They ask the government to help them in this regard, because, through power, their irrigation will increase and they can grow more on their farmlands.
Herat-Breshna in-charges say that the eastern Herat districts will periodically use Salma power dam and Turkmenistan’s importing electricity.
But Terialay Taheri, the deputy head of Herat Provincial Council, criticized on slowness of the power supply work in the mentioned districts and asked for acceleration of the project.
“Power supply work has not been so far started in any of four eastern districts. Just 100 or 200 power pylons have been installed by Breshna department in Karkh district,” he added.
The eastern districts of Herat enjoy a high economic and agricultural significance, and the transmission of electricity to these districts will increase agricultural production on one hand and will boost the prospect of marble extraction in the Chesht district on the other.

Shukria Kohistani

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