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Water intake begins at Kabul’s Shah wa Arus dam

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By: Shukria Kohistani

Water intake has begun at Shah wa Arus dam, located in Kabul’s Shakardara district. A number of residents of Shakardara by welcoming the start of intaking water at the dam say they witness this after along time. They said Afghans have been facing with drought for the past few year in various parts of the country; therefore, they were happy upon seeing drop of water in such dams.
“The government has carried out practical works for the improvement of people’s life condition in the past 20 years, showing the government’s continued efforts towards addressing people’s problems,” said Shamshad and Zarina, two residents of Kabul’s Shakardara.
They hoped the dam would be soon inaugurated. The people of Kabul’s Shakardara waited for one and half decade to see water at the dam.
Afghanistan National Water Regulatory Authority has informed that water intake has begun at Shah wa Arus dam in Kabul’s Shakardara district. The dam is considered as one of the biggest projects for management of water in the country.
A spokesperson to National Water Management Regulatory Authority Nizam Khapalwak told media that construction work on the dam has been completed and the dam will be soon inaugurated.
“Today, water intake started at the dam costing $53 million funded by the country’s budget and it will be inaugurated in coming days,” Khapalwak said, adding that the dam has the capacity of storing 9 million cubic meters of water, irrigating nearly 3,000 hectares of agricultural land and generating 1.2 megawatts of power once it is operational.
Construction work on Shah wa Arus dam was started nine years ago and it was determined that it would be completed in three years, but it took seven years. The dam will somehow address shortage problem of drinking water and electricity in Kabul city.
This comes amid increasing problems of shortage of water facing the people in Kabul city as shortage of water has changed to one of the most serious challenges in the city. A number of Kabul residents have said that shortage of water is threatening the life of people.
In addition to shortage of water in Kabul city, lack of electricity is another challenge facing the people of the city.
It is worth mentioning that Nimroz’s Kamal Khan dam has been recently inaugurated by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani. The dam is expected to provide nine megawatts of power, and, in the first stage, it will store 52 million cubic meters of water, according to the National Water Affairs Regulation Authority. The dam is 16 meters high and it will irrigate agricultural lands while also preventing flooding in the province.




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