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War still takes civilians’ lives

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By: Suraya Raiszada

Continuation of wars and violences have caused increasing civilians’ casualties according to a UNAMA recent report. Based on the report, the highest level of civilians’ casualties was in 3rd quarter of 2019 and UNAMA has asked the warring factions to avoid damaging civilians as in the last nine months of 2019, 2963 civilians have been killed and 5676 injured including 41 pc women and children. Comparing to the 3rd quarters of 2018, it shows 42pc increase.
Considering protection of the lives and properties of civilians as the responsibility of the Afghan government, civil society says that Afghanistan political system should put protection and preservation of civilians lives and assets at the top of their priorities.
In an exclusive interview with The Kabul Times reporter, chairman of Afghan Civil Society Complex, Aziz Rafeyee said, “Safety of civilians is one of the basic discussions that unfortunately has been underestimated and the Afghan government has no program for security of citizens. Security policies should be clear.
Rafeyee emphasized that we request both sides not to use civilians as a human shield and don’t misuse them for their political goals.
Civilian casualties has been one of the most controversial issues in Afghanistan and the Afghan administration has been repeatedly criticized by the world community.
The Afghan government has always addressed civilians’ protection as its top priorities.
Experts and media professionals have also expressed concern on increasing civilian casualties and consider quick end of war and speeding up of peace process as one of the basic solutions that could be useful for protection of civilians.
They said, “The Afghan government is obliged to provide security of citizens by every possible way and is responsible to restore trust and confidence among people that protects their lives and properties.
Experts believe that citizens security returns to people close cooperation with the government particularly ANDSF. Without this close cooperation no citizens would be safe.
Former female lawmaker Safia Seddiqi said, “The armed insurgents should understand that their victory is not in civilians casualties and they must not target and damage civilians during their offensives. The government should move the war from residential areas and try not to damage civilian population during offensives on insurgents positions and hideouts.
According to experts, the Afghan government should try to open and accelerate peace talks with those warring factions who are ready to accept the constitution and end the war. This also could be a solution to prevent civilians casualties.
Despite of national and international efforts, unfortunately still civilians’ casualties are one of the serious concern and require an urgent practical solution.

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