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War of security forces a worship


Based on some reports released recently a number of media, within recent days, for the first time an organized group of religious scholars visited the front lines of war in several provinces of the country from among them Pamir 205 army corps and national military units quartered in Helmand and spent few days and nights with them. During their residing there, they performed prayers with national and security forces personnel and regarded their war against terrorists as worship.
Based on this that the security forces of the country were born from muslim parents and are believing on Islamic beliefs and are abiding by all Islamic teachings and take fasting in holy month of Ramadan. They are laying day and night in the trenches of defending the terrorial integrity of their sacred homeland against terrorist groupings and with accepting of all sacrifices defend from the sanctum of country and people of Afghanistan.
They decisively proclaimed that no one should have doubt that the defence and security forces of the country are sincere servants of Almighty Allah and their day night activities are worshipping and jehad in the path of Allah the Almighty.
Criticizing from those that prior from this or now, they forbid from attending to the funeral prayer of martyrs of security and defence forces of the country.
Religious scholars regarding such people as ignorant to Islamic teachings and the servants of aliens.
They also regard the martyrs of security and defence forces as the martyrs of path of Islam that lost their life for defending of their country and prosperity of their muslim compatriots.
Likewise, these religious ulema had proclaimed that 17-days ceasefire proclaimed by Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, in fact proved the righteousness of path and stance of government of Afghanistan.
It is a clear prove for all opponents that it placed the latters before the interests of people and the country and was an examination for being abide by Islamic teachings as well as an examination for proving of their independence and freedom of action.
Now, if the armed opponents of government to say “goodbye” with war and violence join peace process and prevent from killing and blood shedding, and express their commitment for national interests of Afghanistan and building of the country, their freedom of thought and action would be proved.
This is a time that previously and few days before, the religious scholars of the country regarded continuation of war and violence as unlawful and demanded for stopping of war, suicide attacks and explosions.
In a meeting held in holy month of Ramadan, the religious scholars of three muslim countries of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Indonesia that their number was estimated about 3000 and the Imams of Makka and Madina were also among them, discussed about the need for ending of war and bloodshed in Afghanistan and proclaimed continuation of fratricide war as unlawful and should be ended.
These are the issues that attention should be focused on them:
First, this issue proves that the current war in Afghanistan is illegal. This is a war against a peaceful and legal government that for strengthening of peace and stability, this country had no spared from any effort and is ready for allout sacrifices.
Similarly, this issue placed the armed groups opponents in a difficult position and this force them from two ways, they should select one. The decision that the national interests, country and their independence is distrain upon.
Second, this issue placed the security and defence forces of the country in a better position before public opinion and people of Afghanistan and also this heightens the morale of security forces of Afghanistan and if war continues, they enjoy from a high morale and spirit.
Because, they select a right track.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.