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War in Afghanistan intensifies again

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By: Lailuma Noori

Recent death toll from battlefields has shown that casualties caused by daily fighting in Afghanistan are increasing by passing each day since the starting of 2021. At least 75 people including ANDSF personnel, Taliban fighters and innocent civilians are killed on daily basis as a result of clashes, air strikes, targeted killings and IED blasts in the country.
Based on information, southern provinces particularly Kandahar and Helmand have recently witnessed increasing insecurities and clashes between Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) and Taliban fighters, showing that the ongoing war has intensified since the starting 2021 comparing to last year.
Residents of Kandahar, Nangarhar, Helmand and Balkh have witnessed the worst days of clashes and IED blasts since 1 Jan 2021. In capital Kabul, 26 incidents of clashes, 47 IED blast incidents and 13 violence cases against innocent civilians have been registered.
Since the 2nd round of the intra-Afghan talks between Afghanistan government and Taliban has already started but no considerable progress has made so far. Taliban has not cut its ties with regional and international terrorist groups. The group has been in direct armed conflict with Afghan security forces for the past two decades.
Taliban by launching terrorist attacks, making use of violence, creating terror and using force against innocent civilians are trying to destabilize and insecure districts and big cities of the country. They have now turned to targeted killings of civilians, IED blasts and motor bomb attacks to try to question Afghanistan government’s legitimacy.
A number of Afghan political and military experts say Afghanistan government has also taken preparation to fight armed Taliban fighters during the year ahead. According to the country’s defense and security officials, ANDSF are committed to peace, but they have been mobilized to respond armed attacks in case Taliban chooses war during the coming war season.
It does not seem Taliban can succeed to take control of main parts of the country as they did in 1990s, but undoubtedly their presence might expand. Besides, presence and activities of other terrorist groups as al Qaeda and Daesh might also increase and the country will enter to a new phase of war and crisis and it is difficult to predict hard days ahead.
The most significant question will be whether US is committed to continued partnership with Afghan National Defense and Security Forces or not. US has repeatedly pledged to provide continued annual fund to Afghan security forces to fight terrorism.
Currently, the main demand of the people of Afghanistan is peace and end to the ongoing war in the country. Now, efforts towards maintaining peace in the country have been expedited in national and international level, but it is not yet to clear when the demand of Afghans change to key issues in regional and international policies.
What we seen now is a range of games run by the name of peace in the region and it’s the people of Afghanistan who are absent in the process. No peace effort will get successful without the presence of the people of Afghanistan.



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