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Walizada; from wheelbarrow driving to sport championship


By: Nangyalay Osmani

Sport is the common language of connecting nations and peace and friendship among them. Sport plays decisive role for promotion of cooperation among countries. Sport is a powerful instrument for development of cultural relations among the world countries.
Our sport correspondent has conducted an interview with a sport champion as follow:
Born in 1994 AD in a sport loving family and a graduate of faculty of law and political sciences Mohammad Qaseem Walizada is champion of free fight, sport advisor of MoI athletes.
At the outset of the interview, talking on his sport background, Walizada said, due to my sincere enthusiast, ten years earlier I took step into the world of sport and started Kick Boxing.
In 2016 I started free fight under Ustad Wasay Qayoumi, he added, in 2017 I attended my first competition in Afghanistan and defeated my Iranian rival and achieved a championship belt. Later I competed with an Afghan sportsman, overcame him and gained championship cup.
He went on to say, in 2018, I attended a competition in Pakistan and in 2019 in Iran and received championship belt and gold medal respectively.
Walizada added, I am acquainted with Kick Boxing, Wrestling and boxing as I achieved two gold medals in Kick Boxing and one gold medal in wrestling.
Talking on problems ahead of his sport career, he said in the beginning. I had serious economic problems but due to my strong enthusiast to sport and gloriousness of my country, I ignored and tolerated all problems and with a strong incentive and a big goal I ultimately achieved my high wishes.
My message to our dear youth is that sport plays key role in health of people.

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