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Wafayezada officially takes over as Acting Minister of Information and Culture

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By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Mohammad Qasim Wafayezada officially started work as the Acting Minister of Information and Culture, Bakhtar Information Agency (BIA) reported Sunday.

Based on a presidential decree, Mohammad Qasim Wafayezada has been appointed as Acting Minister of Information and Culture and was officially introduced to the officials of the ministry, the agency said.

Wafayezada has previously served as the head of Afghanistan’s Civil Aviation Authority and replaced Tahir Zuhair, who ran the ministry for a year.

The Administrative Office of the President has said that Wafayezada will soon be introduced to Lower House of Parliament for vote of confidence. Meanwhile in a Facebook post, the Second Vice President called Wafayezada one of the young and professional cadres of the country who, according to him, did remarkable works for the Civil Aviation of the country.

“Wafayezada has now been appointed Acting Minister of Information and Culture and will soon be introduced along with other designated cabinet ministers of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for the votes of confidence to Wolesi Jirga. While appreciating the trust of the President, I congratulate Dr. Wafayezada and wish him success,” the second VP added.

VP Danesh went on thanking Tahir Zuhair, the former Acting Minister of the Ministry of Information and Culture, who, according to him, made lasting efforts for the country’s culture.

“He has shown his commitment, honesty and ability to lead senior government institutions, both in his five-year tenure in Bamyan province and in the past year as Acting Minister of Information and Culture,” he added.

In his introduction ceremony held yesterday, the newly appointed Acting Minister of Information and Culture pledged to do more in strengthening the country’s culture, according to the agency. “We would strengthen and support our Afghan culture so that to increase its effectiveness,” he vowed.

The Acting Minister said he would support the freedom of expression and media and try his best to further develop the country’s media activities but urged the media for reflecting the main values of freedom of expression considering the country’s high national interests.

The newly appointed Acting Minister of Information and Culture, Wafayezada, holds a PhD in International Relations from Kanazawa University in Japan.


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