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VP Saleh vows action against those behind Behsud chopper crash

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KABUL: First Vice President Amrullah Saleh on Monday said those who are behind the downing of army helicopter in Behsud district of Maidan Wardak “will be punished,” calling the incident an “evident crime.”

The incident happened in Behsud district last week. According to Defense Ministry, there are adequate evidence that shows the helicopter was downed by a laser-guided missile shot by militia belonged to a local commander, Alipoor, known as Commander Shamshir.

The ministry said the helicopter was in Behsud to transfer members of the police special forces to Kabul who were killed and wounded in clashes. The helicopter was targeted shortly after it took off from a base in Behsud after midnight on Thursday.

Alipoor has admitted that his men have conducted the attack. The Defense Ministry has pledged to take revenge against Alipoor’s militia over the incident.

“No military operation was planned against anybody in Behsud,” VP Saleh wrote in a Facebook post, adding that it will be a mistake to make the incident an ethnic nature. VP Saleh also called the incident “mysterious.”

President Ghani has insisted on retaliating for the attack after he talked on the phone to the families of the victims of the downed helicopter.   “Revenge will be taken because they were attacked while they were defending the country,” President Ghani said on Saturday.

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