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VP Saleh says won’t be kind against criminals

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By: Suraya Raiszada

Following continued insecurities, armed robberies and kidnapping as well as target killing in Kabul city, serious concerns have raised among residents of the city. After increasing complaints which have been made by residents of Kabul in connection with insecurities and increasing armed robberies, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani tasked the First Vice President to directly lead Kabul security issues.
Amrullah Salih, the First Vice President, in his recent remarks has said that list of armed robbers, law violators and criminals have been prepared already.
The First Vice President has further said that he won’t be kind to criminals, asking the people to cooperate with ANDSF and share their information with security forces.
Meanwhile, following increased armed robberies and crimes in the capital, Afghanistan ministry of interior has ordered police to shoot criminals. Ministry of interior and Kabul police have assured the people in Kabul that the people will soon see considerable improvement in security of the city, asking for close cooperation of the people in this regard.
“As you all know that more than 60 percent of Kabul residents are living in unstandardized areas, where there are not enough equipment and possibilities, but Kabul police are making continued effort to provide better security to the residents of the city,” said Fardaws Faramarz, a spokesperson to Kabul police.
Admitting a range of problems and challenges facing Kabul police in the city, Faramarz said they although accepted increasing concerns of the people over insecurities and increasing armed robberies, Kabul police were working day and night in all areas and PDs to reduce crimes and address problems of the people.
The Kabul police spokesperson by pointing to recent achievements of police in the past one month said more than 100 criminals involved in murder, armed robberies, harassment, kidnapping and target killing have been arrested by Kabul police in the past one month in various parts of the city.
He stressed that Kabul police would not spare any effort towards providing better security to the residents of Kabul city.
Related to recent concerns and rumors shared in social media, Faramarz said that people were exaggerating any incidents happening in Kabul city, which has not been true as Kabul police were doing their best to fight crimes in the city.
According to spokesperson to Kabul police, an intelligence team will be soon created in Kabul to start its operation against crimes in various parts of the city.
Considering close cooperation of the people with police as significant, the Kabul police spokesperson added people’s cooperation with police has increased recently comparing to previous years, but their cooperation was not sufficient, saying that people should report about any robberies or kidnappers living in their area and take part in better security of the city. He further said that without close cooperation of the people, they are not able to maintain better security in the city. It is worth mentioning that residents of Kabul and other provinces of the country have recently witnessed increased armed robberies, kidnapping, target killing and other criminal incidents. The people have repeatedly complained and shared their concerns with leadership of the government and asked for their particular attention to security of the country particularly the capital.

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