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VP Saleh says Pakistan housing Taliban leaders

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By: Lailuma Noori

Afghanistan First Vice President Amrullah Saleh has said that Pakistan is hosting the Taliban group, stressing that the country can change to a good friend of Afghanistan by cooperating the country’s peace process.
Warning of consequences of hosting the Taliban group, Salih said Pakistan will pay a big price for its continued policy of cooperating and accompanying the Taliban group. In his Facebook page, First Vice President by pointing to recent visit of Afghanistan’s delegation led by President Ghani to Washington has written US officials have been recalled of Pakistan’s continued support to the Taliban group.
“Islamabad can play vital role in Afghanistan peace process and change a good friend of Afghans,” Saleh said, adding that Pakistan is apparently supporting the peace process, but in action it is supporting the Taliban group, causing distrust between the two countries.
Saleh has stressed that Taliban won’t win militarily the war and Pakistan will pay a big price for supporting the group. He considered the Taliban group as a tool in hand of Pakistan, adding that Islamabad was managing and making plan for the group.
Saleh believes that the ongoing war is organized and coordinated by an organized military network which is beyond Taliban’s capability. He added that there was enough evidence to show the country’s financial and spiritual support from the Taliban group.
Meanwhile, a number of military experts believe that hosting a group launching bloody attacks on the people of Afghanistan is against all principles and relations between the two countries. The government of Afghanistan is seriously asking the government of Pakistan to not host a terrorist group that is not committed to peace and stability in Afghanistan.
Afghan political experts are accusing Pakistan officials for supporting the Taliban group that has safe havens and training centers in Pakistan. They say that there is no clear evidence of Pakistan’s practical steps towards cooperation in Afghanistan peace process.
Afghan politicians have found that continued interferences of Pakistan’s intelligence network in internal affairs of Afghanistan and their continued support from Taliban and Haqqani network have caused deadlock in war as well as peace in Afghanistan.
Pakistan believes and hopes Taliban will first take the control of Afghanistan by force and then take political power in the country and will later play a supportive role for the Pakistan government in the region. Taliban is considered as the only ally of Pakistan among Afghan political fronts in Afghanistan.
The government of Afghanistan has repeatedly asked Pakistan and Taliban to clarify about their relations with each other. President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has said that Islamabad should select whether they are the enemy or friend of Afghanistan.




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