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VP Saleh hosts counter-corruption ambassadors meeting

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By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: The country’s First Vice-President Amrullah Saleh hosted a meeting of ambassadors to investigate ways of fighting corruption and restore good governance, a statement said Friday.

At the meeting which was held at First Vice President Office and was jointly led by European Union Ambassador to Afghanistan Pierre Mayaudon and British ambassador Alison Blake , the first vice-president said the government leadership was taking firm steps to increase custom revenues, provide documents and proves against the corrupt individuals and circles, bring further transparency and facilitation in the procurements and restore a good and transparent governance in the country, the statement from first VP press office added.

VP Saleh also pledged to share the government’s counter-corruption achievements with the Afghan people and the international partners. “President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani is committed in fighting corruption and closely monitors any measures in any fields and any level seriously,” said the first vice-president, as quoted in the statement.

He also said the government’s new counter-corruption technique differed those in the past and this was the first time that the people cooperate with the government on how to fight corruption through new methods.

The first VP said in many cases the government measures to fight corruption have failed to remain fruitful due to some foreign circles’ interferences and criticisms and unfortunately, sometimes the government actions against corruption have been seen as political.

VP Saleh asked the international partners to cooperate with the government of Afghanistan in this field. Pointing to the government’s security plan on counter-crime, he said that the government’s counter-criminal plan has restricted the activities of the criminals and campaign would continue seriously.

Both the US ambassador and UK special representatives also spoke about the issue vowing to stay alongside the Afghan government in various fields including fighting corruption and crimes across the country.

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