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‘VP Dostum’s return to bolster NUG leaders’cooperation


In the wake of Nizamuddin Qaisari’s arrest by the Afghan Commandos and recent waves of his supporters’ protests in a number of northern provinces, the first Vice President (VP) Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum returned back to home after fourteen months in Turkey. His return led to national and international reactions.
The leaders of National Unity Government (NUG) called VP Dostum’s return as positive step towards strengthening cooperation and unity among the leaders, adding government was willing to solve disputes through mutual understanding and cooperation.
Hoping VP Dostum’s return bolster cooperation among the NUG leaders, the Lower House emphasized on solving differences through talks.
“The ongoing situation in the country requires national unity and that all issues should be solved through cooperation and mutual understanding,” MP Nilai said, asking politicians and the country’s elders to use people for national unity and interest not for personal disputes.
Meanwhile House Speaker Abdul Rouf Ibrahimi called political parties’ conflicts during the civil war as devastating issue, asking government leaders to precisely serve the people and political parties.
“It is hoped that the first vice president toplay key role in government’s security, economic, social and political programs,” the house speaker said.
A number of countries, including the United Nations and US Central Command have praised VP’s return and thanked NUG’s efforts for strengthening spirit of the national unity in the country.
“VP Dostum’s return is of immense important for the security of the northern provinces, but the suicide attack after his arrival to Kabul near Hamid Karzai International Airport that took lives of the innocent people was concerning. The leaders shouldn’t victimize our people for their own interests,” MP Ghulam Farooq Majroh said.
He went on saying that enemies were sparing no effort to disturb the peaceful life of the people and that it was necessary for people and government to remain united against their vicious goals.
Meanwhile political expert Amir Mohammad says recent protests in northern provinces have already affected the economy of the country, since roads were blocked, and government offices were shut down. He hoped VP’s return to leave positive impact on the situation.
“It is hoped that all parties remain alongside the Afghan people to improve the situation and do not allow the country once again face troubles. VP Dostum could be a symbol for others and paly positive role in the current situation,” he added. Another political expert, Zobair Shafihee believes that unity, convergence and mutual understanding needed in the ongoing situation. He says VP Dostum’s return proves that united Afghans could overcome any challenges and that if he didn’t order his supports in North, the situation could further get worsened.
Suraya Raiszada

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