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VP Danesh meets UN representative

سرور دانش با نماینده ملل متحد

Tadamachi Yamamato, the UN Secretary-General Representative for Afghanistan met with Mohammad Sarwar Danesh, the country’s second vice-president, a statement from his office said Tuesday.
Pointing to the ongoing peace process in Afghanistan, the UN Secretary General Representative said all efforts within the peace process should be managed in the framework of the Afghan government plan and that the UN supports the Afghan government and people in the process, said the statement.
“The UN is making effort to help protect the Afghan government main role and possession of the people of Afghanistan in the peace process,” said the UN Secretary-General Representative.
Meanwhile, the Second Vice President, Mohammad Sarwar Danesh said the government’s advisory meeting were going on with the political parties and the process would be expanded further.
He said at the national level, apart from some political rivalries, the people, political leaders, parties, civil society organizations and the stakeholders agree on the peace process to be led by the Afghans, said the statement.
In the meeting the UN Secretary-General Representative also spoke about the issues related to the upcoming prudential election and said the practical plan of the electoral commission for the election, providing the process with biometric technology, hiring related staffs and ensuring budget, he said was among the fundamental issues the Independent Election Commission, said the office.
Any move about the process of the presidential election would be taken in coordination with the political parties, civil society, electoral commissions, international partners and the government of Afghanistan, said Danesh. Danesh reassured the election would be provided with technology, as it was clearly noted in the new electoral law, the statement said.
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