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Voting, everyone’s civil right

شکریه مطبعه

The political representative of UN in Afghanistan announced that Afghan security forces have made remarkable progress in ensuring the security of parliamentary elections due to be held on October 20th.
According to BNA report the political mission of UNAMA in Afghanistan has announced that Afghan security forces have made major progress for ensuring the security of the citizens of that country due to go to the polling stations on 0ctober 20th.
The special representative of UN secretary general for Afghanistan says: the Afghan security forces have the responsibility of ensuring the security of the elections process. Adopting effective measures are needed to provide opportunity for eligible persons to use their political rights.
He insisted that the Afghan citizens should not be deprived from voting rights and building the future of their country or intimidated.
The UN special envoy remembering the recent attacks on candidate, their teams and voters said that any kind of violence or pressure against voters, candidates or elections staff are not acceptable and he severely condemned such evil actions.
Releasing a statement, Taliban had threatened that they would attack the security process of voting and the people who are involved in the process.
The statement has faced the severe criticism of international community. They think, Taliban consider elections as a military process while elections are a democratic process that demonstrates the will and intention of people.
In reaction to the Taliban’s statement, the Afghan interior ministry declared that the security forces of the country would stand firm against every plan and program of Taliban and would neutralize every conspiracy against people.
The ministry assures people to participate in the elections without any concern.
Sometimes, the statement of Taliban had no any effect on the process of electoral campaign of the candidates.
Even the terrorist attacks of this notorious group on two candidates in Nangarhar and Helmand provinces could not disrupt the process.
Jawid Kohistani an expert of political affairs and a candidate for parliament in Kabul says one of the most important factors of democracy is elections, encouraging people to take part in the process is a positive step, I believe in the capability of my people and security forces, God willing the elections will be held on October 20th with extensive participation of people in a peaceful atmosphere. Our people except participation in the elections have no any other option. In spite of that the enemies of the country try hard to disrupt this national process and face it with challenge but our security forces have proved in practice that they can foil any conspiracy on its origin.
He added there are some challenges in some insecure provinces, but the security and defense forces of the country with the cooperation of people will foil the destructive efforts of the enemies and not let to be faced with the election challenge.
While the security forces of the country have a major role in maintaining the security of elections, UNAMA points out that Afghan security forces also have responsibility to remain impartial while they perform their duties.
Gul Ahmad a Kabul citizen says ensuring security in polling stations is not an easy task, but we believe our security forces can overcome this challenge successfully and will be witness of a secure election.

Abdul Khalil Menawi

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