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Voters’ registration, people hopefulnesses

Taliban 11

Following disputes over holding of election, the IEC reported beginning of voters registration that has increased people hopefulnesses. The IEC authorities adding that all essential preparations have been taken for holding of elections and the upcoming presidential elections would be held on schedule time.
Emphasizing an timely holding of presidential election, the world community said that holding of presidential election on its due time is a redline for the Afghan government and any delay would produce unpleasant outcome.
Addressing timely holding of elections as a serious need for Afghanistan, a number of political analysts emphasize that efforts should be made so the elections should be held on due time.
Emphasizing on schedule holding of presidential elections, chairman of Afghanistan Transparent Election Foundation Naim Ayoubzada said, if upcoming election is not held on due time, the people trust to government and ECC, IEC would be strongly damaged.
Ayoubzada believes that fraud in past elections caused reduction and damaging of people trust to ECC, IEC.
On the other hand FEFA said, electoral commissions should be accountable to people because the they are the only responsible for holding of a transparent elections and should create such a mechanism to disable the local authorities, powerful people and armedmen in provinces to interfere in election process.
Political analyst Akbar Ehsas said, Afghanistan parliamentary elections has been one of the most controversial elections in our history as its results were released after long deluge and expectations. Now we expect Afghanistan electoral system to be reformed and rehabilitate the people lost trust.
Political commentator Amir Mohammad said, one of the controversial issues in the last elections was lack of precise data of voters’ list and there were claims that in some districts the ballots cast were more than the actual population. So the electoral commissions should compensate these and other shortages.
Another political analyst Jawed Kohestani said that with elapse of time, the Afghan people have realized that only they can alone determine their destiny. If there is strong determination with the Afghan government rulers, people would enthusiastically attend the elections. The past bitter experiences must not be repeated and the people trust on transparency of election process should not be damaged.
He added, this is the right of Afghan people to use their ballots in a fair and transparent elections and the government should hold a timely elections. Most politicians and political parties also asked the government to make serious efforts to hold the upcoming presidential elections on due time, otherwise the country would be led to another crisis. These opinions are expressed at a time that on Saturday our citizens started voters registration throughout Afghanistan for upcoming presidential elections. People sincerely want to attend this national process but, if the election would be fair and transparent that could rescue us from poverty and crisis.
Suraya Raiszada

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