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Visions on Moscow meeting

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Moscow meeting has been attended by representatives of the Taliban group and a number of political faces of Afghanistan.
The meeting has been held by Russia-based Afghans in cooperation with the respective country. Although Russia has officially rejected its interference in holding the meeting, participants have considered the country as key holders of the meeting attended by a 70-member delegates of political and leaders of various parties of Afghanistan and representatives of the Taliban group.
In the meeting, former President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai, the first speakers, said: “Afghanistan is an independent country and its people want peace, but want an Afghanistan, where there is no foreign solider. The peace in Afghanistan is in the hand of Afghans themselves. If we take a step, nobody can stop us; therefore, the meeting today is held.”
On the other hand, Taliban’s chief negotiator Abbas Stanakzai, who was another speaker in the meeting, said that the group did not consider the current Afghan Constitution “legitimate” and that this blueprint was an obstacle to peace.  
“The current Constitution is illegitimate and has been imposed and must be ratified by Afghanistan’s religious scholars and academics so that it will be acceptable to the Afghan people,” he said.
Stanakzai said that once US forces withdrew, the Taliban would not demand political monopoly and that in order to achieve sustainable peace, the names of Taliban leaders must be removed from the US blacklist so that they could travel freely in their efforts for peace.
Nevertheless, Mohammad Younus Qanooni, a member of Jamiat-e-Islami Leading Council, considered the current constitution that has been implemented in the past 18 years was one of the country’s achievements and best constitution in the region.
Fawzia Kofi, who was representing Afghan women in the meeting, said that rights and achievements of women should not be ignored in the peace talks. The Moscow Talks have for the first time brought together dozens of Afghan politicians and at least 10 Taliban members – with the focus being on peace.
However, Afghanistan government and the country’s High Peace Council had no representation at the meeting, the Taliban has repeatedly refused to hold direct talks with Afghanistan government. HPC had previously said that it would declare its position after ending the meeting, but ministry of foreign affairs had said that such meeting could not help peace efforts.
Members of HPC have hoped that such meetings held among Afghans would open ways for direct talks between the Taliban and Afghanistan government.
In the run up to the talks, which follow after last month’s negotiations between the US and Taliban, Afghan women in particular have raised concerns over their rights in the event of a peace accord being reached.
Lailuma Noori

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