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Violence reduction lacks proper definition, ineffective for peace

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According to media reports, the Taliban have agreed to one of the two demands of US State Department special representative for Afghan peace Zalmay Khalilzad, which is reduction of violence with Afghan government and ceasefire with US. The group has said would soon sign the deal with US representatives in Doha. Meanwhile, media reports suggest that Khalilzad will arrive soon to Kabul to share the latest developments in Qatar with Afghan authorities.
Indeed, complete and lasting ceasefire has always been the main demand of Afghan government and announcement of which and observation of truce would help build confidence and mutual trust between the two sides. Ceasefire is an acceptable, defined, frank and transparent issue and could create hopes, cause people to be optimistic and believe in peace process. The Afghan government had also addressed ceasefire as a condition for beginning of peace talks.
The presidential spokesman Sediq Seddiqi had tweeted earlier that the objective of the Afghan government is a ceasefire similar to the three days ceasefire that had taken place in Eid days of two years ago. Seddiqi added that every plan for a peace talks must be frank, since restoration of peace means end of war for this country.
Plan for reduction of violence cannot restore such a goal even if this plan be carried out in action, doesn’t stop the war but it would continue even at a small scale. The plan of the Afghan government for beginning of peace talks, is announcement and ensuring of ceasefire. Reduction of violence lacks precise military, legal meaning and practical aspect.
Relaxation of violence has no frank meaning and certain definition and we don’t know what does relaxation of violence mean? Whether the goal behind it, is that instead of fire of tens of rockets, only ten rockets will be fired or instead of killing of hundreds, only ten people would be killed. What kind of decision is this? The certain word that has been said so far is: In reduction of violence period, Taliban would not attack populated cities and areas.
If they attack less populated areas, it would be an exception. It has been said that Taliban would not attack the foreign troops but would attack on Afghan National Defense and Security Forces which will be an exception from this issue.
Nevertheless, if we translate reduction of violence at every meaning, it cannot introduce an acceptable testimony and reasonable meaning and can’t untie a knot from current problems or help current peace process.
Relaxation of violence neither brings any hope nor builds trust and confidence between the warring factions but even causes mistrust during talks and eliminates essential confidence.
Experts believe that Taliban emphasize on relaxation of violence instead of ceasefire because they lack essential control over their armed militants who are presently involved in war.
It is a reality that Taliban militants are not a single force and their leaders fail to control them and currently announcement of ceasefire by their leaders is impossible and this is the reasons why Taliban insist on relaxation of violence instead of ceasefire.

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