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Violence reduction; ANDSF alerted


By: Lailuma Noori

The National Security Council has announced that a one week violence reduction has started at 12:00 pm on Feb 21st between the government and Taliban. In the last few days president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and US special representative of state Department Zalmay Khalilzad have been negotiating continuously on details and its management. The presidential spokesman Sediq Sediqi announced three days ago that ANDSF and American forces have worked on details of plan on violence reduction. ANDSF will be in full alert position and preparation.
According to a government authority, ANDSF have been undertaking management and conduct of every possible operations simultaneously. Based on details of violence reduction plan of agreement, Taliban would stop attacks on highways, public places, center of cities and ANA and ANP positions during seven days.
The source added that if Taliban attack ANDSF positions, the Afghan government security forces will launch counter attacks against Taliban and in case of need, RS forces will support ANDSF.
Plan of violence reduction has been called as a precondition of signing of US-Taliban peace accord. If this phase is carried out successfully, peace accord will be signed between Americans and Taliban. Intra-Afghan dialogue is expected to be started in the wake of signing of US-Taliban accord.
A question raises here while Taliban have shown green light for violence reduction, would they take step for ceasefire?
Experts and peace advocate bodies say that now it’s the time of peace and Taliban should show their intention and determination for implementation of peace. If Taliban don’t consider war as a solution and want to solve the dispute through negotiations, now the door of talks has been opened, they should resort to ceasefire at least as a gesture of good-will for peace.
Without ceasefire, peace talks are impossible to produce result. Ceasefire is an introduction to end the war, that improves peace process and an ordeal that the warring factions show in practice that have chosen an option except war.
Following signing of US-Taliban peace accord and beginning of intra-Afghan dialogue, ceasefire is an urgent need that should be dealt with. The government has cleared its position that if Taliban agree on a ceasefire, it would not fight them, an option that has always been suggested by the Afghan government but rejected by Taliban due to presence of foreign forces, but now the ceasefire must be taken serious.
We hope our society and politicians would have access to a reasonable solution on peace and war based on realism and intellectuality around a pivot of our political system and Afghan government.
Our people are victims of proxy war and thousands innocent Afghans are killed or injured every year. In the light of peace efforts, people expect advent of peace and are concerned on increasing wars and violences. 

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